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Medical tourism in Russia is in demand

  •  medical tourism in RussiaRussia, especially Moscow and St. Petersburg have a demand for ex-soviet medical travelers. Hospitals in Russia, especially in the big cities have modern equipment and qualified doctors. The convenience of Russian speaking staff of doctors and nurses is a big plus for the medical travelers. Moscow’s great medical tourism potential has brought all the medical and tourist services together to increase medical travel to Russia. For ex-soviets travel to Russia is inexpensive and accessible. Russia meets European standards when it comes to professional doctors specializing in plastic surgery. The field of plastic surgery is growing in the past years due to a great demand of Russian and ex-soviets wanting to improve their appearance.

  • The availability of surgeries and medical treatments which are not available in ex-soviet countries has brought Ex-Soviets from Georgia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus and other ex-soviet countries to Russia in order to undergo medical treatments in the many hospitals in Russia. All medical staff speak Russian and medical treatment is professional. There are no waiting lines when it comes to private medical treatments in hospitals and other medical institutions. The risks of secondary infections are low.

  • Russia has a healthcare state system which every citizen is covered by law. Employees contribute to the health scheme through their employers. Russian health care institutions speak only Russian. In big cities you can find modern equipped hospitals and medical clinics whereas in remote locations you will find that medical clinics lack essential equipment.

  • No popular procedures

  • Welcome to Moscow! Take yourself to the Kremlin where everything happened. The Patriarch’s Palace and the churches, go to the History Museum and to see Lenin’s Mausoleum. There are many galleries and Ballet performances which you can go to. Don’t miss Moscow’s nightlife which is vibrant like any bustling city in the world. If your destination is St Petersburg, be ready to see one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The Neva River has wonderful panoramic sights. Learn about the Romanov family and walk to Anichlov Bridge. St Isaac’s Cathedral is an amazing sight not to be missed.

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