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Saudi Arabia

Medical tourism in Iran – the nose job capital

  •  medical tourism in Saudi ArabiaSaudi Arabia has a range of excellent private hospitals and centers for Ayurveda medicine. Due to many cases of obesity and diabetics, Saudi Arabia has wide knowledge of treatment to western illnesses. Ayurveda medicine treats patients with herbs, diet and teaches to lead a healthier lifestyle with exercising and yoga. Plastic surgery in Saudi Arabia has also increased like in all the Muslim world. The desire to change one’s appearance is common to every man and woman all over the world. It has become a trend even in a strict coded country like Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia’s medical staff are professional, attentive and responsive to the medical travelers.

  • Many citizens from the Persian Gulf and other neighboring countries choose Saudi Arabia as their favored destination for medical travel. Medical travel to Saudi Arabia is first of all a low risk of complications when it comes to surgical procedures. Saudi boasts high standards of private hospitals and clinics. Medical doctors have international credentials and have worked abroad in European countries and The US. Confidentiality is also a factor for Arab women when undergoing plastic surgery or other cosmetic treatments. Needless to say that all medical staff speak Arabic which is the language spoken in all of the area. Rehabilitation centers are wonderful in Saudi Arabia, professional nurses aid the medical travelers until full recovery.

  • The Ministry of Health governs all healthcare issues of Saudi Arabia although there are also private medical institutions and insurances. Around 60% of all hospitals are managed and operated by the government and the rest are private medical institutions and hospitals. There are some good medical research centers and eye research and treatment centers found in Saudi Arabia.

  • Saudi Arabia has good plastic surgery due to an increase of demand in this field of medicine. You can also find all eye treatments and eye surgeries and centers for obesity and diabetics.
    Ayurveda medicine in Saudi Arabia is also developed. This alternative medicine is taught in Saudi Arabia to teach people another way of life, to lead a healthy life.

  • Saudi Arabia does not grant any tourist visas. You cannot be a tourist in Saudi Arabia but can get a temporary visa either for business or for pilgrimage reasons. There are millions of Muslims coming to Saudi Arabia every year for the purpose of religious pilgrimage. Every Muslim must come to Mecca once in a life time; this is a good opportunity for Muslims to come to Mecca and have surgery.

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