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Medical tourism in Serbia – uppermost destination

  •  medical tourism in SerbiaSerbia has become a leading location for medical treatments. It is known as a country with hot minerals and thermal springs which serve as a healing process to medical tourists coming to Serbia. Private medical institutions have international accreditation, tourists come for sightseeing and surgery in one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. Serbians are known to give exceptional hospitality when it comes to tourists let alone medical tourists. Attractive prices of medical treatments in Serbia is also a factor of the medical traveler. Patients benefit from five star treatments with affordable prices. There are many cheap flights to Belgrade from neighboring countries, UK, Canada and the US.

  • The reputation of quality physicians in top notch medical services brings to Serbia patients from overseas who seek a relaxed vacation plus surgery. The cost of living in Serbia is so low that in comparison to other countries, even neighboring countries, the medical traveler can choose a five star vacation with a tight budget. Doctors and nurses are of a high standard and proficient in their field. The latter know English and other languages, being surrounded by many European countries. There are no waiting lines for medical travelers in any of the private hospitals, your medical trip can be arranged in a couple of days. Once you arrive to Belgrade, you are taken care by the administrative staff at the designated hospital and after operation, a nurse or a doctor will come for house calls to your accommodation.

  • All Serbians make a contribution to the National Health Fund which provides them with healthcare. The HIF (Health Insurance Fund) is responsible to see that health care is functioning across the country. In overall, health issues have been neglected over the years and medical institutions such as hospitals and clinics lack modern facilities although the levels of medical staff; doctors and nurses are good. The deterioration has begun when Serbia experienced an economic decline in the 90’s and found it hard to maintain the level of healthcare. The EU has helped Serbia to get back on its feet with millions of dollars aid.

  • Private hospitals can do all surgeries. The most common ones for medical tourists are dentals implants and treatments and cosmetic / plastic surgery.

  • Serbia boasts delightful scenery but what attracts the medical traveler are the health and spa resorts. There are many mineral waters and springs (hot and cold) in Serbia which serve as healing treatments in natural settings with captivating scenery. Many health facilities are located in these spa resorts, an ideal accommodation for medical travelers. Serbian vineyards are excellent, you can tour around for good wine to take back home. Hiking is also popular among the tourists, beautiful lakes and rolling hills is good for your soul and body. Prices for five star hotels are relatively cheap and so is transportation and food.

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