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Medical tourism in Singapore – a strong destination

  •  medical tourism in SingaporeSingapore is a leading location for medical tourists having plastic surgery and other treatments. It is the most visited country in Asia for medical treatments due to many reasons. Medical physicians are of a very high standard; well-qualified who are committed entirely to their job. All medical staff are English speakers and can communicate with medical travelers. Prices of medical treatments are lower than in western countries. Medical travelers can recover after surgical intervention or fertility treatments in one of the many hotels who are used to cater for the medical tourists. Singapore is a very organized, clean country; a place which medical tourists can adjust quickly to.

  • Singapore has a good international airport with excellent direct flights and connections. Medical tourism in Singapore is booming; the locals are prepared for this tourism industry and have the experience to cater for all.
    Singapore is a developed country, all medical facilities are equipped with high technology, including fertility clinics and research labs. There are many conferences regarding medical related issues in Singapore because it is well –known for its professional doctors.
    Low risk is an important factor when deciding where to do surgery. The hygienic surroundings of the medical clinics are at the highest standards. Medical tourists pay less in Singapore for plastic surgeries and other surgeries, not because less of quality but the cost of living in Asian countries are inexpensive.

  • The Ministry of Health is in charge of the healthcare in Singapore. The healthcare system in Singapore is one of the best in the world. Every employee contributes from his wages to the health scheme but can also accumulate health funds and use his pool of funds for the entire family. Singapore has the lowest infant rate mortality. Public hospitals are good and efficient although sometimes a bit crowded, private ones are superb. Government hospitals have a 24hr. service of emergency wards. Doctors are trained mainly abroad but also in Singapore.

  • Singapore is a regional hub for medical treatments and so medical tourism in Singapore covers all the departments. Plastic surgery, fertility clinics, oncology, dental implants, orthopedics, transplants, urology. Singapore is home to traditional Chinese Medicine; acupuncture and herbal remedies. Medical tourists coming to Singapore try out these traditional medicine for recovery and healing purposes.

  • Singapore is a fun place to be. Universal Studios, the zoo with its amazing rare animals, the botanical gardens, the Singapore flyer, science center and so on. It’s a very modern and clean city. You can go to the beach or the many shops available. Hotels are great. Just relax and have a good time while you’re recovering.

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