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Medical tourism in Slovakia – affordable costs

  •  medical tourism in SlovakiaSlovakia is strategically located in the center of Europe which means very easy to reach. Medical travel in Slovakia has increased due to improvements in both standards and technology of medical institutions. There are no waiting lines when it comes to surgical interventions such as plastic surgery and other medical procedures.
    Slovakia is a beautiful small country is a prime tourist location in the past ten years, why not benefit from low cost surgery and tourism in one vacation. Slovakians speak German and English and other European languages so language is no barrier for the medical traveler. Spa and wellness resorts are common in Slovakia, one can relax while recuperating after medical intervention.

  • Medical travel in Slovakia is popular due to some major factors; no waiting lists at all when it comes to booking a medical clinic for plastic surgery in Slovakia or dental treatments in one of the fine clinics. Easy and affordable flight options to Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. You can reach Slovakia by car or train from major cities in Europe. Doctors and all other medical staff are qualified and meet the requirements of doctors in the UK. Private hospitals and medical institutions have the highest technologies and modern infrastructure. The growing awareness of medical travel to Slovakia has encouraged the tourist industry to offer packages for the medical traveler.

  • Citizens of Slovakia make contributions to one of five available health fund schemes operated in Slovakia. Once you are registered to one of the health funds you are entitled to receive a basic healthcare package. All employers have to register their employees to one of the five health insurance funds. The employers can choose which health insurance they would like to contribute to although there are no major differences between them.
    Slovaks can also extend their state health fund and make contributions to one of the five health funds for extensive healthcare. Public hospitals in Slovakia sometimes lack modern technology. Doctors and nurses are well –trained and provide service for the whole population. Cosmetic surgery or other non- essential medical surgeries are not covered by state at all.

  • No popular procedures

  • Bratislava is a lovely city, inexpensive and easy to walk around in the attractive alleys. The city is very picturesque, the restaurants are cheap and the beer is great! Go to the big castle on the hill, it is more of a fairy tale like castle. The architecture of the buildings are interesting, the narrow pathways are charming. Slovakia is blessed with beautiful nature, the low Tatras National Park where you can hike to waterfalls, lakes, caves, canyons and attractive villages. The high Tatra National Park is also an amazing place to hike to. The tranquility of Slovakia is one of the major pluses in this small European country. Slovakia has many spa resorts in the cities and in the mountains; it’s an ideal place for a holiday and recuperation.

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