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Cosmetic in Argentina is the prime for medical tourists.

  •  medical tourism in SloveniaSlovenian doctors are exceptional, working in a very hygienic environment of medical institutions. Slovenia also boasts excellent spa resorts with thermal treatments.
    Slovenia is easily accessible from all European countries either by car, train or plane. Accommodation is inexpensive and good. Hospitals are well equipped and technology is modern. Medical travelers undergo a full diagnostic process before medical treatment. Medical staff are bilingual and speak many foreign European languages.
    The natural health resorts in Slovenia are known to be one of the top ten in the world. Traditional treatments along with modern methods are ideal for those medical travelers who seek not only to undergo surgery but to experience a true recovery and relaxation treatment.

  • Medical travelers discovered this small country in the past few years. No waiting lines when it comes to booking oneself to a cosmetic surgery or other surgical interventions. Hospitals boast top class personal service and hospitalization. Slovenia is a cheap country for Europeans and UK citizens, a two week operation plus vacation costs is about 50% of what one would pay in country of origin. Secondary infections after surgical intervention are close to zero. The countryside and the friendly people make a difference when it comes to recovering from surgical treatment. This young country is welcoming medical tourists and doing the best it can to make it a superior destination, because of that the medical traveler benefits through the whole process.

  • Slovakians (employers and employees) pay a contribution from their wages to the Slovakian health scheme. Aside from the compulsory health insurance there are additional costs for treatments which are not covered by the compulsory insurance. Compulsory health scheme includes visits to GP’s, specialists, hospitalization, surgeries and recovery.
    Although citizens are covered by the country’s health insurance, it is customary to pay the doctor an extra fee. Hospitals in general are of a good standard. There is a shortage of specialists in Slovakia although the doctors are trained in a high level. There are long waiting lists due to lack of sufficient medical staff.

  • Slovenia’s medical departments specialize in cosmetic surgery, dentistry, dermatology, gynecology and pediatrics.

  • Slovenia is marvelous! A picturesque country with all wonders of nature. Whether you like the attractive cities or the countryside, one can enjoy both in a couple of days.
    Ljubljana, Bled and Piran are the three most attractive sights if you don’t have much time. The capital Ljubljana is an awesome city, full of interesting museums. The next day, go to Bled and take a boat to the castle in the middle of the lake. The Julian Alps surrounding the lake are spectacular. Piran in the Slovenian Coast is also a must see destination. What a beautiful little town Piran is. Prejama Castle carved in the rock and the cave system is a good place to visit as well. If you tend to stay for more than a week, you will have plenty to do and see.

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