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South Africa

Medical tourism in South Africa are favored by neighboring countries

  •  medical tourism in South AfricaMedical tourism in South Africa is worldwide known due to a couple of factors; excellent knowledgeable doctors and attractive travel location. Neighboring countries whose residents cannot receive good medical care in their country, choose South Africa for many surgical interventions such as liposuction, plastic surgery, eyelid surgery and gastric bypass surgery. Middle class and upper class African citizens find it convenient to travel in the continent and combine medical treatments with a tour in this amazing country. Europeans also find South Africa a medical tourist destination, although not as cheap as other locations but worth traveling for due to excellent doctors and a one of a time trip to South Africa.

  • Medical facilities in South Africa adhere to US and European standards. All staff speak English and many South Africans doctors know European languages as well. For neighboring countries, South Africa serves as a perfect location for operations. Medical doctors have to be of high intelligence and quality; they have great experience performing on various surgeries and are qualified to operate in the fine hospitals in the country. Plastic surgeons in South Africa are competent and have a license to operate. When planning surgery in South Africa, one can plan a safari trip or a coastal trip in combination with surgery in one of the private hospitals.

  • South Africa has public and private health systems. The majority of people cannot afford a private health scheme and therefore use the public system which is overcrowded and not so efficient at times. Around 20% of South African citizens have a private health scheme and enjoy excellent health institutions and other medical services. President Zuma is initiating a health program which will give answers to the population of South Africa regarding all health issues. The National Health Insurance law will be active in the long run. South Africa has a major problem with HIV patients and is trying to increase AIDS awareness.

  • South African medical services deal with many surgical interventions such as liposuction, plastic surgery, bariatric surgery, gastric bypass surgery, eyelid surgery and all eye treatments. You can also find excellent orthopedic departments, HIV specialists, gynecology departments and other fields of medicine. Medical travelers to South Africa benefit from world class hospitals and special care when it comes to arrangement of recovery resorts or trips to attractive places. Procedures are done with no waiting lines which is a big advantage for medical tourists who want to undergo surgery plus safari in a week’s time.

  • South Africa is the ideal trip abroad, fully recommended for families and couples. Whether you want to go on Safari in Kruger National Park or go on a wine tour in Stellenbosch, go for a three day sightseeing trip from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth, in what is called “The Garden Route” or Bungee jump from the highest bridge in the world. While in Cape Town take a cable car to Table Mountain and take a good view from above. Robben Island is also an interesting place to visit, see where Nelson Mandela spent eighteen years of his life as a prisoner. Sun City is a place for relaxation, golf courses and gambling, everyone can find what to do in this awesome place.

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