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Cosmetic in Argentina is the prime for medical tourists.

  •  medical tourism in SpainSpain’s medicine is competent to fit the needs of the many medical tourists seeking good and inexpensive medical treatments and surgeries. Medical tourism has become efficient in recent years, private medical clinics and hospitals are ready to receive medical tourists. Reaching Spain from major European countries is very convenient for medical travelers, many medical procedures do not require hospitalization and so if saving money is a major factor then one can return on the same day after medical treatment. Spain is a lovely country, people are easy going and give you a warm welcome. Madrid and Barcelona boast excellent private medical institutions with cutting edge technology.

  • Why pay more in your country of origin when you can pay less in a location not far from your home? A two –three hour flight and you are in a modern, well-equipped medical clinic, having top-class surgery with fine doctors instead of waiting long lines in a public hospital at your home town. This is also a good opportunity to visit Barcelona or Madrid; no matter how many times you’ve been there, these vibrant cities are always fun to return to.
    Medical students in Spain undergo extensive training and meet the requirement as in every European country. Many of them practice in EU countries and then return to Spain to work in the various hospitals.

  • Spain’s healthcare system is one of the top in Europe. It covers all citizens and covers all treatments aside from certain prescriptions. The hospitals and medical clinics are of good standard with innovative equipment. Although Spanish citizens complain at times about the long waiting lists for specialists, overall the health system provides good healthcare. Doctors are well trained and so are nurses though they don’t provide food for patients in public hospitals. It is customary for the patient’s relatives to provide for that. Medical staff especially in rural areas speak only Spanish.

  • Medical travelers come for various overweight surgeries, orthopedic surgeries such as knee replacement, eye surgeries, pediatrics and cosmetic surgeries.

  • Whether it’s Barcelona or Madrid or both, these two Spanish cities are big metropolitans with bullfights, tapas bars, flamenco performances, interesting architecture, museums and great football matches. If it’s your first time in Barcelona, go and see Gaudi’s impossible buildings; The Sagrada Familia and Park Guell, the most amazing public park in Europe. Montserrat near Barcelona is worth traveling to, the rock formation of the mountain is breathtaking. Once you reach the top of the hill, a boys’ choir from the monastery will welcome you with harmonious songs. They are known all over the world. The football stadium Camp Nou is a must even if you are not a football fan. Joan Miro Foundation, the painter’s famous paintings can be seen in Barcelona as well. In Madrid go to see the Prado Museum or take a day’s trip to Segovia and see the Roman aqueduct.

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