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Sri Lanka

Medical tourism in Sri-Lanka is emerging

  •  Sri-Lanka has become a popular travel destination; as an ex-British colony all citizens speak the English language which makes it convenient for the medical tourists. Medical treatments are less expensive than in Singapore or in Thailand. The Sri-Lankan Government sees the potential of medical tourism and has invested in recent years in top-notch hospitals which adhere to international standards. Many hospitals are international accredited and hygienic. Touring Sri-Lanka is a real treat. This small beautiful island boasts amazing landscapes and a rich culture. Colombo the capital boasts private medical institutions with professional doctors in all the fields of medicine. Medical tourists receive good diagnosis and treatment and are very satisfied with the whole medical trip.

  • Sri-Lanka is a safe place to travel to since the ending of the political conflict. The country is within easy reach from major cities in the world. Doctors are all English speakers and were trained in top-notch medical schools. The costs are more than attractive than in other South-East Asian counties. When deciding to have surgery or a medical procedure In Colombo, there are no waiting lines, you can book and travel within a couple of days. The medical infrastructure is similar to medical institutions in Western counties. The administrative staff including nurses are trained in good nursing schools.

  • Healthcare in Sri-Lanka is free for all its citizens. In most hospitals the facilities are good with innovative technology. As a developing country, Sri-Lanka boasts one of the best health systems for its citizens and strives to reach a high level of “health for all’. Dengue fever was the biggest challenge which the Health Ministry has had to face and with huge efforts have managed to eradicate the spread of this fatal disease.

  • Sri-Lanka specializes in all conservative procedures of medicine in conjunction with traditional medicine. Gastroenterology, nephrology, reconstructive and plastic surgery, cardiology, oncology, ENT and other fields of medicine.

  • Sri-Lanka is an island in the shape of a teardrop with beautiful beaches, ancient cities and even an elephant orphanage. The tropical forests and tea plantations make it an amazing travel destination. Huge Buddha statues in exquisite temples and caves, waterfalls and water canals, superb hotels and an interesting cuisine; you are in paradise! Kandy, once the capital of Sri-Lanka is a very ancient city with the most important temple for the Buddha believers “The Temple of the Tooth”. Nuwara Eliya is a hilly town which served as attractive location for the British that ruled the country; the surrounding of Nuwara Eliya is nature at its best. The Pinnawala elephant orphanage gives you a chance to bottle feed a baby elephant and even take it to the river and give it a bath, what an experience.

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