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Medical tourism in Taiwan your best choice for medical intervention

  •  medical tourism in TaiwanChinese travelers find Taiwan an attractive place to undergo medical procedures, especially in the field of plastic and cosmetic surgeries. Taiwan has top notch doctors who practice abroad and have years of experience with aesthetic operations and treatments. Medical institutions are modern, well equipped and very hygienic. The reason for many travelers to choose Taiwan as an ideal destination for surgical intervention is also the attractive prices that Taiwan offers the medical tourists. For Chinese there is no language barrier when coming to Taiwan which makes it all a convenient package deal. In order to enter the country on a medical tourist visa, one has to apply beforehand in the Taiwanese Consulate at country of origin.

  • Taiwan is putting a lot of effort in the medical tourism industry. Medical tourism in Taiwan has become the best choice for medical travelers especially from China and other Asian countries. Prices can be a fraction of the fee one pays in other countries. Cosmetic surgery is world class performed in medical clinics at a very high standard. In Taiwan you can find traditional Chinese Medicine done in clinics. Acupuncture, Baguan and Guasha are traditional methods in Chinese medicine and draw many medical tourists for the purpose of treatment. Traditional Medicine can come as a healing process after surgical intervention or as a treatment within itself.

  • Taiwan’s healthcare system is one of the best in the world, it covers the majority of the population. The National Health Insurance is responsible for all health issues in the Taiwan. Taiwanese benefit from extensive health procedures and treatments including dental treatments and traditional Chinese medicine treatments. Citizens pay very low co- payments when having a seeing a doctor. Employees and employers pay a contribution to the health funds, non- working people are fully subsidized.

  • Taiwan has a very large cosmetic and plastic industry. All treatments for anti-age, facelifts, Botox, hair removals, nose jobs, bariatric surgery. Medical procedures can include a couple of surgical interventions for restoring your youthful appearance. Taiwan offers all other medical procedures in the fields of orthopedic, gynecology, oncology and other departments.

  • Taiwan is a wonderful destination to travel to, fully recommended though sometimes missed out by tourists going to Asia.
    Taipei is the capital of Taiwan, start your trip from there. When in Taipei, visit The National Palace Museum, one of the best museums in the world, head for Longshan Temple in the historical district of Wanhua. Yangmingshan National park is a gorgeous place to hike around. Fascinating views, some 20 volcanos and thermal hot springs after a good days walk. Eat at the fine markets in Taipei and visit the fine art museums. If you have a couple of days, go to Sun Moon Lake and Tarako National Park. See Buddhist temples and shrines and monasteries on the way. Taiwan boasts beautiful nature and lovely scenery.

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