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Treatments in Thailand –quality health destination

  •  medical tourism in ThailandA combination of travel and medical treatment is ideal for medical travelers going to Thailand. Reduced waiting lists, inexpensive prices and excellent skilled medical staff makes Thailand a desired destination for medical travelers from all over the world. Thai people are known to be very attentive and give attentive service to the many medical travelers arriving for surgeries to Thailand. Dental tourism in Thailand is very attractive for the medical traveler in the field of medical tourism, dentists are well trained and experienced in the field of dentistry. Thai Air and other airlines land in Bangkok from all over the world, you are taken care of from the moment you land till the end of your vacation & operation tour.

  • Thailand’s medical tourism has become Asia’s hub in plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery. Hospitals are excellent and have all the facilities of a modern hospital in Western Countries and even more. Asian medical tourists swarm the country in order to be operated by the best plastic surgeons available in Thailand. Thai and English are common languages spoken by medical staff but you can also find other languages like Chinese spoken by doctors. Rehabilitation spas in Thailand are superb. You can be accommodated in deluxe hotels or fly to the exotic islands near Bangkok to recuperate after medical interventions. Not only the experience of well- trained doctors draw medical travelers to Thailand but the cost of the whole travel plus surgery package can come up to 60% savings which makes it a substantial factor in choosing this alternative destination.

  • The healthcare system in Thailand depends on where you live, for people who live in remote places, in rural areas, there is great difficulty in receiving healthcare at all. Hospitals can be very far away if in need of an emergency. Most Thai people hold a gold card which enables them to benefit from healthcare treatment. Children under the age of twelve, senior residents and Thai people living in poverty, do not have to pay for the gold card. Ambulances have a major problem reaching emergency wards due to traffic jams in Bangkok which have grown worse over the years. There are many urban primary care clinics scattered across the country which serve Thai people for most medical cases. Private hospitals usually in major cities such as Bangkok meet the requirements of any hospital standards in Western countries.

  • Cosmetic surgery in Thailand remains the most prominent surgery for medical travelers. Whether you want to ‘fight’ the aging process or just make your appearance look better, Thailand has all the options available for you with top class experienced plastic surgeons who performed hundreds of surgeries like breast augmentation.
    Dental treatments are also very popular amongst medical travelers; there are many dental clinics who perform dental surgeries and other treatments.
    In overall you can find all surgeries performed in Thailand at a very good level.

  • Bangkok, a vibrant huge cosmopolitan with just about everything to do and experience. Take a rickshaw and explore Bangkok, you are in for a true ride. The palaces, temples the floating market, museums and the superb Thai food and nightlife, makes it the best holiday one can have. You can fly to the islands close by to Kho Phi Phi or Pattayah or fly to Chiang Mai where you can tour the mountains. The lodges in the islands are superb proving the traveler everything they need for a perfect holiday. Thai hospitality is worldly known. Whether you eat on the street or in restaurants, Thai cuisine is so tasty that you will want to come back. Thailand is an ideal place for shoppers from electronics to clothes to jewelry, you can find everything you were looking for.

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