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Cancer treatments in Thailand

Cancer treatments in Thailand - excellent options

Cancer treatments in Thailand are dealt with a multidisciplinary team of physicians in order to assure that every possibility is taken into account prior to treatment. Thailand boasts excellent oncologists who devote themselves to the patients upon their hospitalization.

Medical tourists are offered a range of treatments either modern or traditional for a full recovery from cancer. The hospitals in Thailand which deal with cancer work closely with research centers and fellow scientists to enhance the life expectancy of cancer patients and to find the best treatment option for each case.

The methods of treating cancer include all treatments which are common procedures in Western medicine; chemotherapy, radiation and molecular targeted therapy, but also provide emotional support which is very important, and a nutritional plan.

Hospitals in Thailand treating cancer patients are also committed to improve the quality of the patient’s life by innovative methods of treatment. The diagnosis phase includes MRI, CT scans and other modern facilities which enable the physicians to accurately assess the stage of the cancer and set up the prognosis and treatment plan.

Medical institutions in Thailand treat all types of cancers; ovarian, lung, breast, kidney, cervical, leukemia, brain, gastric, gallbladder and so on.

Thailand is the hub of cancer treatments in South and South-East Asia. Medical tourists chose Thailand due to its high rates of success with cancer treatments and the high quality of the medical service.

In Thailand, there are hospitals which only absorb cancer patients. A hospital which only specializes in one field of medicine tends to be more professional and has a unique approach to the diseases. Another advantage is that the whole staff is dedicated only to patients with cancer, which enables the latter to concentrate on each patient and his/her well- being.