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Sex Reassignment (Change) surgery in Thailand

Sex Change Surgery in Thailand Male –Female -Male

Sex reassignment surgery in Thailand is the most popular plastic surgery conducted in medical clinics in Bangkok. Thailand is renowned as a premier destination for gender change.

Sex reassignment surgery is a complicated operation and needs to be performed by knowledgeable plastic surgeons who have extensive experience in this specific medical procedure. Thailand is the place for this sort of surgery due to its skilled plastic surgeons and the low costs for gender change.

Why has Thailand become the hub for sex reassignment surgery?

Sex reassignment in Thailand is accessible due to the culture of the country which has liberal views on transgender, bisexual, lesbian and the gay community. Sex reassignment surgery can be done to males and females although it is more of a challenge to turn a female into a male, it takes a couple of stages until the full penis eventually has a sensation.

Sex reassignment surgery costs

Sex reassignment surgery in Thailand is about 60% – 70% less than in the U.S and in Europe. In Western countries prices are astronomical for this sort of operation. The top-notch clinics in Thailand absorb medical patients from all over the world. Medical clinics in Thailand have proved to be number one in gender change due to outstanding results.

Medical clinics in Thailand ensure high standards of hospitalization and medical services. The plastic surgeons in Thailand are in most cases accredited by the JCI and hold accreditation of the Plastic Surgeon Association. Their aim is to come close to a natural look with minor scars.

There are various methods in conducting a gender change operation, consultations with the plastic surgeon will be carried out prior to surgery regarding the methods with which the operation will be carried out; some of the methods include: full /split thickness skin graft procedure or a penile skin inversion. Sex reassignment surgery female to male requires an implant of a penile prosthesis a year after the surgery has been carried out.

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