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Stem Cell Therapy Treatments in Thailand

Stem cell therapy treatments in Thailand is a leading branch of medicine

Stem cell therapy in Thailand is considered to be one of the leading researches in the field of modern medicine. Degenerative diseases such as ophthalmic, immunological, metabolic and neurodegenerative can be significantly set back and the effects of the diseases slowed down by using stem cell treatments.

Our modern world has to deal with an aging society and also with a great demand for organ transplantation, therefore scientists are in search of new therapies to treat chronic diseases and injuries. Stem cell therapy falls under regenerative medicine, it is to make functioning tissues repair damaged tissues. Stem cells have the power to do that; to repair and renew cells and tissues.

Stem cell therapy for aging

Stem cell therapy treatments in ThailandStem cell therapy for aging is considered to be one of the most desired treatments today; the doctor removes your stem cells, multiplies them and returns them to you so that they could facilitate regeneration. The cells will regenerate systems that have failed to function or have been ‘worn out’.

There are all kinds of stem cells; embryonic cells, which exist at an early age and there are adult stem cells, which remain in us for the rest of our lives. Adult stem cells are also known as tissue specific cells.

Different kinds of stem cells are apt for a precise purpose, for example; blood forming stem cells in our bone marrow rejuvenate the blood, but a neural stem cell will not produce a blood cell. A cell type cannot be used to treat a wide range of diseases which involve different organs and tissues. It is vital that specific stem cells be applied to a specific disease.

Thailand boasts superior stem cell clinics for the treatment of Parkinson’s diseases, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, types of arthritis and many more. Stem cells are able to renew cells and thus are introduced into the body in order to fight specific diseases. The stem cells can detect damaged tissues in our body and are able to repair them.

Stem cell therapy is safe

There are not many medical institutions in the world which treat diseases by stem cell treatments, albeit, having said so Thailand boasts knowledgeable doctors in this field of practice, these treatments are accepted as safe and practical in the medical arena.

The FDA has approved only bone marrow stem cell transplantation in the U.S., this is why thousands of Americans choose to come to Thailand for stem cell therapy treatment. Medical tourists are accommodated in top-notch clinics and receive treatment by superior medical staff. Thailand has become the regional hub for stem cell treatments which has high success results. Although stem cell treatments are controversial and generate polemic debates in the world, many patients find it useful.