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Health tourism in Turkey – huge cost saving

  •  medical tourism in TurkeyTurkey has a good chance to become one of the top leading medical tourism hub in the region; its location is in Europe and Asia which is a strategic location for many travelers. Many hospitals have international accreditation mostly in Istanbul but also in other major cities. Prices are more than affordable in Turkey where the cost of living is relatively low. Doctors are well-trained and meet international standards. Many investors invest in health tourism in Turkey, the potential is great. Private top notch clinics for laser eye surgery and for plastic surgery have drawn into Turkey a mass amount of medical travelers in the past few years. Turkey is known for its hospitality and wonderful all-inclusive resorts and boutique hotels, one can relax after surgical intervention and recover fully before heading home. There are many private clinics in beach resorts which makes health tourism to Turkey a successful combination of surgery & vacation.

  • The Cost of living in Turkey is low and therefore the cost of health treatments are low. Medical tourists who come to Turkey for health reasons can save up to 70% of the amount they would have paid back home. Turkey is a fascinating country to travel to; on the one hand you can see beautiful green hilltops and on the other hand huge bustling cities like Istanbul.
    Cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery are popular among medical travelers because of qualifies doctors who have years of experience with operations. Although Turkish is the official language, doctors and nurses speak English. Private clinics and hospitals are competing each other which makes medical tourism to Turkey even more attractive. Every patient is treated in the utmost attentive care.

  • The healthcare system in Turkey is going in the right direction although you can still find large differences between the rural and the urban areas. Most of the population are covered by a social security scheme where employers and employees make a contribution to.
    Public hospitals still lack modern equipment at times. Medical staff prefer to work in big cities rather than in rural area which makes it difficult to maintain the rural health clinics with reasonable healthcare. Doctors are well trained usually they start off studying in Turkey and then go to Germany or the US for completion of their medical degree. University hospitals are considered the best hospitals in the country aside from private hospitals.

  • Private medical institutions are booming in Turkey whether its clinics or hospitals and so are the variety of medical procedures which the medical traveler can choose to do.
    All plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery, laser eye surgery, cancer treatments, cardiology, gynecology and so on. Dental treatments are also known to be excellent in Turkey.

  • Istanbul is one of the biggest, busiest cities in the world. The fascinating grand Bazaar market, TopKapi Palace, home of the Sultans for around four hundred years, the Blue Mosque and Dolmabache Palace, one of the most dazzling palaces in the world. Ankara the capital has amazing museums and is worth visiting. If you want a bit of relaxation than go to Antalya with its beaches and all-inclusive deluxe hotels. From Antalya you can go sightseeing to Kemer with its marvelous scenery. Turkey has a divine cuisine. Dishes of meat and vegetables, rice and excellent desserts. Every traveler can find what to do in Turkey, people are friendly and warm and prices are cheap.

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