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Medical Tourism to Ukraine

  •  medical tourism in UkraineUkraine is a good option for excellent medical procedures for ex-Soviet-Union citizens and other European nationalities. The country has increased its private medical institutions which boast high standards of medical equipment and professional physicians. Prices of medical procedures are very attractive to international patients who seek good healthcare services with a full guarantee of patient safety and strict adherence to medical regulations. Ukrainian medical professionals undergo years of training; many of them complete their studies in Western European countries. International patients choose Ukraine as a favorable medical destination due to the short waiting lists at the hospitals and clinics.

  • Ukraine has become a medical tourist destination not only because the attractive medical trip which the private clinics have to offer but also because people want to explore Kiev and its interesting surroundings. The competitive prices of many medical procedures lure people to travel to Ukraine and also explore the wonders this country has to offer. The convenience of traveling to Ukraine from major European cities is also a big advantage for the international patients. There are many cheap flight fares to Kiev and many connecting flights to other major cities. The doctors in Ukraine have extensive knowledge and are accredited by the state and by the U.K. Council of Medicine.

  • The Ukrainian Ministry of Health is responsible for all the citizens’ healthcare. All working Ukrainians have to contribute to the National Health Fund yet in practice Ukrainians still have to pay for many medical procedures such as a specialist’s consultation and complex surgeries which requires the patient to pay an extra fee. Many Ukrainians seek private medicine which is considered to be in high standards.

  • IVF treatments are very popular among Europeans who choose to come to Ukraine for this purpose. Surrogacy as well is a desired procedure because Ukraine’s policy makes it easier to undergo surrogacy without a hassle of many legal restrictions. Costs for all fertility treatments and surrogacy are relatively inexpensive in comparison to Western countries such as France, England, Italy and Germany, savings are about 70% of prices at neighboring countries. Lasik eye surgery, cosmetic surgery and dentistry are also common medical procedures that bring medical tourists to Ukraine.

  • Kiev is a fascinating city, with many cultural activities, museums, theatres, cathedrals, monasteries, cafes restaurants and hotels. Hop on the Kiev touristic bus and see all the wonders around you. Crimea is a beautiful region to explore; Yalta is one of the most attractive places; its beaches and mountains. Carpathian Mountains are full of nature; forests and treks. Uman and Chernihiv is a must when traveling to Ukraine, those two interesting cities are worth a visit.

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