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United Arab Emirates

Medical Tourism to UAE celebrates great achievements

  •  medical tourism in UAEMedical tourism to the United Arab Emirates is emerging in recent years. United Arab Emirates offer excellent healthcare services for medical tourists in all fields of medicine. Healthcare services include top-notch medical institution with competitive prices. Middle Eastern residents are swarming to the UAE for health and wellness. The government is constantly promoting medical tourism and incentivizes top-notch medical clinics which take in outbound medical tourists. Outbound patients have no waiting lines when admitting to the hospitals, all physicians know English and are familiar with working with international patients.

  • The hospitals and medical clinics in United Arab Emirates are well-equipped with cutting-edge technology and innovations in the medical field. The risks of secondary infections after surgical interventions are less than 1%. Physicians and consultants were trained in Europe and the U.S. and many foreign doctors take a position in the leading hospitals in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and in the Emirate of Dubai. The government is putting a lot of effort to turn United Arab Emirates into a medical tourism hub for patients from all over the region. Models of successful medical clinics have been adopted to fit UAE and boast international standards in medical care.

  • The standards of healthcare in United Arab Emirates are considered to be high. The government invested a lot of funds to update the standards of the medical health services in the Emirates. Some hospitals have received accreditation from overseas organizations and meet the requirements of any global medical institution. The UAE Ministry of Health issue all licenses regarding new medical clinics and help build and manage health institutions. Healthcare is free for all nationals. There is a strong emphasis in training Emirate doctors, not only bringing specialists from abroad.

  • UAE has all the medical departments and institutes available in modern hospitals.

  • Most tourists come for a superb shopping trip to the United Arab Emirates, mostly arrive to Dubai. The hotels are superb with the best delights one can think of. The spectacular Burj Al Arab is three hundred and twenty one meters high, dominating the coastline. The beaches, waterparks, Hatta Rock Pools and golf clubs all make is a luxurious vacation. If you are looking for a relaxed vacation with top-level facilities, this is the place for you.

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