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Hospitals in Hawaii meet the standards of medicine in the mainland

  •  medical tourism in HawaiiHawaii is a paradise for tourists. It is the 50th State of the U.S.A and boasts captivating scenery. As part of the U.S.A., medical centers in Hawaii meet the medical regulations of that in the mainland and so the facilities in Hawaii must follow strict rules. Many doctors, especially plastic surgeons have chosen to set up clinics in Hawaii due to the massive traffic of Americans and Europeans coming for a holiday and medical procedures. Why not recover from a surgical procedure in a nice resort near the beautiful ocean? The doctors are reputable and hold credentials from the U.S.

  • The cost of medical treatments in Hawaii are relatively cheap in comparison to prices in the mainland. The idea of combining leisure with surgery appeals to many people because they can recover while relaxing on the beach and not in a hospital room. Doctors make house calls to every resort on the island, you can just relax while recuperating. Though medical treatments in Hawaii are dearer than in Asia but the doctors are accredited from the U.S. and there is a strong affiliation between clinics in Hawaii and on the mainland which makes the follow up treatment easier. Hospitals in Hawaii utilize the latest technology in the medical field and provide the highest quality care for international patients.

  • If you compare the healthcare system in American States, Hawaiians have the second lowest percentage of residents which are uninsured; yet there are other problems which the residents have to face which is an uneven quality of healthcare. There are a lack of physicians in rural areas, insufficient primary care and preventative medicine and a limitation of the use of electronic health records which slows down medical care. Hawaiians pay less for healthcare than in the mainland.

  • The main fields of medicine which provide services to global patients are cosmetic and plastic surgeries, laparoscopy surgeries and alternative traditional treatments.

  • The breathtaking beauty of Hawaii is what draws many tourists to these islands. The six islands offer natural beauty, amazing beaches, hikes, appealing accommodation and a mouthwatering cuisine. It’s a perfect holiday. You will probably land in Honolulu and from there explore the islands. From white sandy beaches, whale watching, surfing and swimming to amazing nature trails; by foot or by horse, waterfalls and volcanos. In Oahu you can climb to Diamond Head or go to Hawaii Volcanos National Park, Waimea Canyon, the Garden of the Gods. Nine underwater parks are located in the islands, Waikiki beach is the most popular one. Traditional Hawaiian food is superb; raw fish and rice, great fruit and pork dishes.

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