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Hospitals in Ohio boast five star facilities

  •  medical tourism in OhioMedical centers in Ohio are known to be very efficient. Inbound travelers choose Ohio as a preferred destination for various medical treatments. Hospitals have modern facilities and boast professional physicians in all fields of medicine. Travel options are easy and inexpensive from Europe and within The States. Five hospitals in Columbus, Ohio, have top ranking in the U.S. In central Ohio you can find a large healthcare system with specialists, hospitals, outpatient clinic centers offering a wide variety of healthcare services. Medical travelers find it convenient to have a huge complex of medical facilities under one roof.

  • The cost of traveling to a foreign country for medical treatment can be expensive, it is actually a better deal for inbound medical travelers to have surgery in the U.S without having to take care of visa permits and all other related issues concerning travel. Being operated by American Doctors means that you are in good hands. Ohio medical centers have made significant investments in the health tourism industry, one can get an attractive quote for a medical treatment in Ohio without having to take a loan. Patients can be scheduled for a surgical procedure within a couple of days, it is up to the medical traveler if he /she wants to do all lab tests at State of origin or to have all the treatment in Ohio.

  • Ohio has the most comprehensive pediatric hospitals and research centers in the United States. Aside from the medical field of pediatrics, all branches of medicine are practiced in Ohio.

  • If you are in Columbus, go and see Santa Maria which is a replica of Christopher Columbus’ ship. There is a display of all the equipment Columbus might have had on the ship in the 15th Century; exhibition shows the implications of discovering a new world. There are many prehistoric Indian Mounds scattered around Columbus which you can visit. There’s an interesting Center of Science and Industry. The Fountain Sq. at Cincinnati, the square hosts music and other entertainments. Hocking Hills State Park has camping facilities, hiking trails and a cave system. The Wright Brothers National Museum is in Dayton, the two Wright brothers who have built their aircraft and tried to fly.

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