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Medical tourism in Venezuela is extremely favorable

  •  medical tourism in VenezuelaVenezuela boasts excellent private medical institutions and quality of service. It is far cheaper than medical treatments paid in the U.S.A. Venezuela is a beautiful country to explore, many travelers enjoy inexpensive five star package tours in the country and include plastic surgery in Venezuela as part of their trip. Venezuela is accessible from many States in the U.S.A, only a couple of hours’ flight; one can also find comfortable flights from Europe. There are no waiting lines when booking yourself to one of the top notch hospitals or medical clinics. From dental treatments to cosmetic surgery and other complicated operations, there is a wide range of medical procedures offered in Venezuela.

  • Doctors in Venezuela go through extensive training, usually in the U.S. or in Europe. They are qualified in all branches of medicine and offer excellent treatment. All administrative staff speak English .The major field of medicine which thousands of medical travelers seek in Venezuela is plastic surgery. Venezuela’s plastic surgery industry is well known all over the world. Easy and cheap travel options are an excellent option for those who cannot afford first class surgery at their country of origin. Rehabilitation centers provide excellent service, savings are up to 50% for same medical procedure done in the U.S.

  • Venezuela’s healthcare system has been one of the most advanced in Latin America but since the 80’s has deteriorated and is non-existent for many citizens. Venezuela’s healthcare system has collapsed since President Chavez and his successor came into power; there is a shortage of essential medical supplies. The government which controls the budget needs to purchase medical supplies and doesn’t release those funds for the use of public medicine. There have been many protests in Caracas in recent years that demand better healthcare for its citizens. Private hospitals and medical clinics are booming and are comparable to US. Standards.

  • Venezuela boasts excellent service in all fields of medicine but the most popular medical treatments are without question cosmetic surgery and all the beauty industry in general. Liposuction, rhinoplasty, facelifts, breast augmentations, buttock augmentation and breast lifts. You can also find dental treatments and eye treatments (Lasik eye).

  • If you are in for a true adventure to experience the Amazonas, Jungles and beaches you should visit Venezuela. Upon arrival to Caracas, take an internal flight to Pto. Ayacucho and start exploring the Indian villages, the market and the museum which explains the difference between the many tribes of the area. The Orinoco River is a splendid place to settle in and with your guide visit the surrounding area. Nature lovers would love The Orinoco River which has a lot to offer, hire a boat and sail the beautiful beaches which make a good relaxation holiday. Take a rainforest river journey to Para Falls deep in the Orinoco rainforest, walk the narrow trail for about two hours where you will see the most amazing waterfalls in America. Caracas is often skipped when traveling to Venezuela because the natural wonders are the main attractions in this country but it is worth spending a day in this bustling city with its museums, nice buildings and vibrant nightlife.

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