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Medical Tourism in Vietnam

  •  medical tourism in VietnamMedical tourism in Vietnam has become sought-after, especially in Hanoi. Medical tourists seeking professional medical treatments such as dentistry, cosmetic procedures and bariatric solutions arrive to this amazing country and spend a holiday before admitting themselves to one of the top-notch clinic available for them. Hanoi is one of the major entries to Vietnam and has cheap flights from all of Asia, Australia and European countries. Vietnam boasts many natural hot springs and traditional methods of treatment; acupuncture, herbal baths, mud baths and many more. The prices for Westerners are about 70% less than what they pay at country of origin.

  • Vietnam has become one of the most popular destinations for travel in recent years. People have come to the conclusion that combining travel with cosmetic surgery or dental treatment saves lots of money. The quality of medical tourism in Vietnam is known in Southeastern Asia, prices are more than affordable, international patients from Japan and Australia find it a safe destination for leisure and medical procedures. There are no waiting lists when booking to one of the exclusive medical institutions in the major cities of Vietnam. The clinics adhere to international standards in patient safety, confidentiality and the professionalism of the staff.

  • Since 1990 Vietnam has upgraded the healthcare system in the country. Child mortality has decreased and major reforms were placed in the health system. In rural, remote areas Vietnamese still experience the lack of modern medical facilities, medical care may sometimes not be available in remote places at all, in villages and small towns. The big cities, though, have good doctors providing services to the international population. Vietnam still has to deal with Hepatitis A and B, malaria and dengue fever in rural places where hygiene is not in high standards.

  • The major cities boast modern hospitals equipped with the latest technology. Medical procedures for medical tourists are usually for cosmetic and plastic surgery, dentistry and bariatric surgery.

  • Vietnam has become the number one destination in Southeast Asia. Trekking in Sapa with a local guide and sleeping in the villagers’ houses. Ha Long Bay is one of Vietnam’s treasures. Take a boat tour around the islands, lagoons and caves which are part of the wonderful scenery. It is recommended to stay on the boat for a night. Sea side resorts and wonderful beaches, the Mekong Delta, Hoi and and Ho Chi Minh City. Vietnam’s cuisine is superb with a French touch. Saigon and the tunnels that the Viet Cong used to hide is an interesting tour to join.

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