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Medical Diagnosis, a Key Procedure of Healing

Medical diagnosis is a key act of a doctor’s visit determining the direction and the success of the treatment. It is a complex cognitive procedure from part of the medical practitioner, in which he analyses, compares, selects, evaluates, and specifies data to get from his diagnostic impressions to medical certainty.

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What Are The Stages of the Health Diagnostics Protocol?

Medical diagnostics is necessarily a progressive process; however, only in specific cases does it involve the back-tracking of the condition, which is identifying what caused the problem.

  • Once the diagnostic opinion is established, it is followed by condition characterisation, individually adjusted treatment and health prognosis from the part of the diagnostician as well as a strictly designed follow-up treatment.
  • Regular follow-up consultation and tests should be fixed to monitor the progress and the health condition of the patient.
  • The doctor should advise patients how to maintain health.
  • It is also the professional’s responsibility to keep the medical records of the patient updated.

The Major Sources of Health Diagnostics

  • Patient complaint (it is essential that at the doctor’s visit you tell the truth without shame or fear, be observant with yourself, every small detail can be significant).
  • Patient observation and detection of any abnormality in terms of anatomy, physiology, psychology and homeostasis.
  • The patient’s medical history.
  • Diagnostic tests (blood and urine tests, MRI, radiology, ultra-sound scanning)
  • Consultation with specialists
  • Incidental finding can also occur in comprehensive tests like blood tests.

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What Happens When the Patient’s Condition Does Not Respond to the Treatment?

Health diagnostics is very much dependent on the professional, it is up to him to decide over the type of diagnostics to apply and to correctly propose a management plan that targets the condition.

Unfortunately, in spite of all expertise and conscientious health diagnosis, doctors can be misled by symptoms and come to an erroneous medical diagnosis or delayed treatment.

You have two options, you go back to your doctor and ask for a review of the diagnosis or you can start the whole procedure again with another doctor.

In the U.S. medical diagnostics errors are the biggest patient safety and medical malpractice concerns, so more and more patients take a second chance and seek medical diagnosis beyond the borders.

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