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Colonoscopy procedure


 When you experience frequent colon discomfort, bloating, pain or blood in your stool, colonoscopy is the best option to screen check for conditions like inflammation, tumor, ulcer or polyps in you colon or rectum. Colonoscopy helps to map the whole big intestine, take biopsy and in some cases it can be used to remove cancerous or precancerous growths. 

The Colonoscopy Procedure

  • Colonoscopy on average takes 30-50 minutes, depending on what is found and what action is taken.
  • The colonoscopy procedure is usually performed by a specialized surgeon, internist or a gastroenterologist and involves a fine, flexible tube inserted through the anus into the colon. The scope has a light source and a camera which is connected to a computer screen so that the doctor can observe the whole interior length of the colon. 
  • Throughout the colonoscopy procedure you will be sedated and receive anesthetics so you are likely not to remember much of the examination. You might experience slight cramps or bowel movement, but they are not alarming or very painful. 
  • The scope is often equipped with loops and forceps if there is a need to take tissue sample or remove smaller growths. 
  • When the test is done, you can leave the medical facility within 2 hours, but you will be instructed not to drive and rest as much as possible. 
  • Progressively you can return to you your normal diet, but take extra care to drink much liquid. 


Colonoscopy Preparation 

The colonoscopy procedure requires special preparative steps and for some preparation might be more demanding than the examination itself. 

  • The aim of colonoscopy preparation is to clean out your colon, that is why 2 days before the colonoscopy you need to follow special dietary instructions and start medication. 
  • You cannot consume solid food, only fluids during the preparation (water, tea, juices, and broths). Do not drink anything purple or red as in the colon they might be seen as blood or irritation. 
  • The day before the colonoscopy procedure you will have to take special laxative tablets or solutions. This day it is not recommended to go out, better stay at home and have plenty of fluids to avoid dehydration. 
  • Even drinking fluids must be suspended 6 hours before colonoscopy and right before the examination you may get anema.

Colonoscopy Cost

The cost of the whole colonoscopy procedure depends on location and what medical facility performs the test. There can be disturbing differences in prices in the U.S.A, which can range from $740 to $8,500. As there is no fixed sum established, many patients check colonoscopy cost abroad, and in case of a New York area resident, where prices are the highest, having the colonoscopy procedure abroad while on business or a summer holiday seems like a good option.