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Hysteroscopy is a common diagnostic procedure in gynaecology, performed when symptoms (pelvic pain, infertility, miscarriage, heavy/absent period) indicate that there may be something wrong with the womb. In hyteroscopy a tool called hysteroscope – a fine and flexible tube with a telescope at the end – is used to send real-time images to a monitor, enabling doctors to examine the inside of the womb and also to remove minor abnormal tissues such as polyps and fibroids.

How is Hysterescopy Done?

The test takes about 20-30 minutes to complete, depending on why it is recommended, whether it is done for visual inspection, taking biopsy or to remove an abnormal growth. It is usually carried out on an outpatient basis, so you will not have to stay overnight unless some unexpected event, such as heavy bleeding, occurs.

Hysterescopy is more unpleasant than painful, but you may be administered local or general anesthesia beforehand, to minimise discomfort.

When you are numbed, your doctor places a speculum inside your vagina to keep it open and get access to the womb, then through the cervix the hysteroscope is inserted into the womb. The doctor fills the womb with a special fluid or gas to improve visibility and inspects the inner lining of the womb carefully on the monitor. If need be, through the flexible tube the doctor can insert special instruments (supported by lasers, special blades or electrical current) and perform minor operations. As you get a real-time image of your womb, the results of the test are immediate, however, you have to wait for the results of the pathology.

After the procedure, you may experience cramping and patchy vaginal bleeding, but most women can get back to their normal routine the next day.

How Much Does a Hysteroscopy Cost?

Standard procedures of hysteroscopy cost between $800-$4,000 depending on your location, the medical facility and the doctor’s fee. Part of the expenses are covered by health insurers, but it is recommended to be well-informed what percent of the fee goes out of your pocket (anesthetics, doctor’s fee, pathology, surgical services, hospital related expenses), and what component is covered by insurance to avoid unexpected hospital claims.

Considering a Hysteroscopy Procedure Abroad?

If long waiting lists and the cost implications of hyteroscopy dishearten you, having a hysteroscopy procedure abroad is always an option. Countries like Mexico, Turkey and Israel offer top-class gynecologic procedures, excellent related services for a few hundred dollars without waiting lists and any hidden extra costs. As the procedure is painless, the recovery time is short and results are immediate, you can spend the rest of the holiday undisturbed in the country of your choice. 

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