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Treatment for Diabetes

Diabetes Treatment

 As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. But is it possible to prevent diabetes? The answer is yes and no. In some cases, with consistent lifestyle changes type 2 diabetes  (when your body loses the ability to use insulin properly) can be prevented. In pre-diabetic patients at least 7% weight loss, regular, moderate exercise and a balanced, fiber and protein rich diet might impede the onset of the disease.

Type 1 diabetes, however, is characterized by the inability of the pancreas to produce insulin because of a faulty immune response. It most frequently occurs in children or young adults and has rarely anything to do with overweight or eating habits, but rather genetic susceptibility. When we are talking about the proper treatment for diabetes, it is important to distinguish between type 1 (inborn) and type 2 (progressively developing) diabetes, however treatment options do not differ essentially.

How To Treat Diabetes?

Diabetes treatment guidelines include constant glucose control, insulin supplements, diet and regular exercise. It requires strict attention and care from part of the patient and the diabetes specialists as well.Diabetes-Treatment_Small

  • Constantly check your glucose level – If you closely monitor your glucose level you not only make sure that there are no harmful imbalances in your blood sugar, but you can also help your physician in assessing the efficiency of your treatment for diabetes. Blood glucose meters are fast and reliable devices designed for painless and accurate results.
  • Administer the proper amount of insulin intake – Treatment for diabetes cannot be successful without providing your body with enough insulin to control your blood sugar. Once your physician identified the best type of insulin for you, you must incorporate it in your daily activities to ensure not just survival (in case of type 1 diabetes), but a long and healthy life. Commonly patients start with pill forms before the injectable version. Insulin varies according to how fast they work, how long they are effective and when their peak time is.

Insulin therapy can happen with

  • injection
  • insulin pen
  • insulin pump (an insulin reservoir attached to your body that is programmed to pump insulin through a catheter)
  • closed loop insulin delivery (a device called artificial pancreas that constantly monitors glucose level and pumps insulin accordingly)

Conscious nutrition

Medical treatment for diabetes cannot be 100% successful if you do not observe some basic dietary rules. You have to be careful with carbohydrates (starches, sugar and fiber), because they raise glucose level.

Avoid fast absorbing starchy food, added sugars, and instead opt for whole grains for better nutritional values, have plenty of non-starchy vegetables and a moderate amount of protein (possibly lean meat and fish).

Moderate alcohol consumption has not been associated with affecting treatment for diabetes negatively. When you receive your diabetes treatment guidelines turn to a registered dietitian for detailed information on nutrition.


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