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Adromachi Xenou

Adromachi Xenou

Patra, Greece   |   Accreditation: none listed 

Gerokostopoulou 29 b







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For more than 20 years we offer our patients high quality dentistry in a modern scientific environment.

Your smile is one of the most noticeable features of your face. But even a pretty face can instantly become unattractive when it reveals a smile stained or crooked teeth.

We can give you the smile you’ve dreamed of with our procedures which include cosmetic surgery implants, implants, bridges, and bleaching laser.

Adromachi Xenou offers individualized treatment plans. Our doctors take into consideration the preferences, lifestyles and habits of each patient. We will work with you to jointly determine the appropriate treatment plan, which is important for your health, functionality and of course aesthetics.

Our office has 4 treatment rooms outfitted with the latest dental technology meeting all European and American standards of hygiene and safety.

X-rays are digital imaging with minimal radiation. The clinic has a health certificate from the Institute of Atomic Energy of Greece.

Our lazer equipment for surgicl procedures include the most advanced laser products marketed worldwide.

In our office we try to keep the environment pleasant and relaxing. Even in long term therapy the patient’s fatigue is minimized thanks to the special anatomical chair seat ADEC. Also, if a patient wishes they may watch their favorite satellite programs or listen to music.

As doctors we aim to be easily accessible to the patient. The basis of good doctor patient communication is the basis of a successful medical procedure.

We offer flexible treatment plans whenever possible. When designing treatment it is important to set a target of a full recovery (normal, functional, aesthetic).

A good patient is the informed patient.
We want to ensure that patients and doctors have the same goals and aspirations. The patient should feel comfortable requesting clarification on all procedures.

Our work is our advertising.
In the office you can see the completed work of other patients. In some cases we will put you in touch with them so they can share their experiences.

We follow medical science developments at the global level and are constantly updating our equipment, techniques and materials. Our doctors take additional classes to remain abreast of the newest medical developments.

Our goal is not only to create beautiful mouths but rather to change the habits of our patients to love themselves, take care of their mouths and hygiene. Ensuring the results of their treatment will last.

We offer: one day dental clinics ,holistic clinics, laser clinics, laser acupuncture, homeopathy, implantology, aesthetic dentistry, botox, derma fillers, laser rejuvenation.



Teeth whitening
Gum Treatment
Laser bleaching 
Fillings, laser 
Orthodontics with splints
Rehabilitation and Reconstruction of teeth

Master degree laser in dentistry (germany Aachen university) acupuncture doctor ,aesthitc dentistry ((New Yourk university)

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