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Al Noor Hospital-Airport Branch

Al Noor Hospital-Airport Branch

Abu Dhabi City, UAE   |   Accreditation: none listed

PO Box 48481


+971 2 4446655



Al Noor Hospital located at Airport Road, Abu Dhabi is a state-of-the-art newly opened hospital with a total capacity of 150 rooms, including royal suites and VIP units. The hospital provides a wide range of in-patient, out-patient, medical, surgical and diagnostic services with a 24-hour Emergency Service.

In addition, the hospital is associated with a building complex consisting of four buildings for services, a five story building, and three other buildings used as staff accommodation for physicians and employees.

The hospital has facility to perform complex procedures such as Cardiac surgery and Angiography, Spinal Orthopedic Surgery, a department specially made for one-day surgeries, a fully equipped Obstetrics and Gynecology department, a fully equipped department for nuclear medicine with an up-to-date Gamma Camera, and last but not least, fully equipped accident and emergency departments.

Al Noor Hospital-Airport Branch is planning to establish 3 royal suites to be located on different floors with dedicated entrance. Each unit will have six rooms consisting of the patient’s room, a sitting area for men and another one for the ladies, an office for the physician and an office for the nurse, plus a room specially made for the patient’s escort.

The hospital also has eight more rooms for VIPs, four are located on the second floor, and the remaining four are located on the third floor.

Al Noor Hospital has employed highly qualified medical staff, most of whom have acquired their training in European and American hospitals.

Al Noor Hospital-Airport Branch is part of the Al Noor Medical Group, a state of the art institution with full Medical Surgical facilities. We are a Conglomerate Company providing extensive range through Hospitals, Medical Centers, Pharmacies, Pharmaceutical Division and Medical Supply.


Cardiac Care Unit (CCU)
Cardiac catheterization Center
Cardio-thoracic Surgery
Chinese Medicines
Dermatology and Cosmetology
Diabetes and Obesity Treatment
Ear Nose Throat
Emergency and General Medicine
Genetic Laboratory
Gynaecology and Obstetrics
Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
Internal Medicine
Clinical Pathology Laboratory
Laparoscopic Surgery & Obesity
Lasik Center
Molecular Biology
Nutrition Office
Nuclear Medicine
Patient Education Services
Plastic Surgery
Sleep Laboratory
Vascular Surgery