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Alfieri Dental

Alfieri Dental

Parma, Italy   |   Accreditation: none listed 

Via Venezia n.75

43100 Parma (PR)


0521 784520/ 0521 271093



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Alfieri Dental Clinic has all the latest equipment and is proud to boast its total conformity to all the sanitary laws regarding hygiene sterility and patient safety and care.

The staff of our dental surgery includes Dr. Alfieri Giuliano, the chief surgeon, his assistants and a person in charge of the administration/organization.



Oral surgery
- extraction of teeth and roots
- tooth abscess incision
- extraction wisdom teeth
- dental cyst removal
- apicoectomy
- gingivectomy
- synthetic bones grafts
- frenulectomy

Implantation Oral Surgery:

Conservative aesthetic dentistry:
- tooth whitening
- ceramic fillings
- ceramic inlays
- white aesthetic fillings
- ceramic facets (Veneers)

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