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Ameer Speciality Clinic

Ameer Speciality Clinic

Chennai, India   |   Accreditation: none listed 

Tamil Nadu, India


Dr. A. Ameer Jahan


+ 91 9003010091, + 91 9843092979



India’s Number one Sexology clinic has more than 25 Years of Service and Specialist in:

- Infertility
- Impotency
- V. D
- All Sexual Disorders (Both Male and Female)
- Pre – Marital Counselling
- Artificial Insemniations
- Test Tube baby methods
- For strength and vitality by JAPANESE HORMONE Treatment

Ameer Speciality Clinic offers Master Health Check up with all Modern Lab Test Facilities like ECG, EEG, EMG and Whole Body Scan and Digiscan


Andrology conditions and disorders include:

- impotence (erectile dysfunction)
- infertility (childlessness)
- intersex disorders and transsexuality
- ejaculatory disturbances
- Peyronie’s disease
- penile curvature
- Priapism
- Sperm conducting system defects (epididymis, vas, ejaculatory duct)
- Andrologic cancers (penis, testes, scrotum)
- Hypospadias
- Epispadias
- Cryptochdism, swellings of scrotum and intra-scrotal contents
- venereal disease in males
- groin swelling (including hernias)
- delayed puberty in boys
- penile torsion.


Andrology Disorders


Ameer Speciality Clinic committed to providing a high quality patient-focused clinical services and has tie up with the leading Medical Tourism Service Providing Corporate Health Sector Hospitals which are accredited by the JCI and NABH.

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