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Austral University Hospital

Austral University Hospital

Buenos Aires, Argentina   |   Accreditation: none listed 

Av. Juan D. Peron 1500

Pilar, Buenos Aires

+54 2322 48-2608



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The Austral University Hospital is an integrated and highly specialized health care center. As a “General Hospital”, the institution offers highly complex medical services coupled with research, teaching and organ transplant programs such as liver and bone marrow, among others.

For International Patients:

Austral University Hospital (AUH) welcomes the opportunity to serve international patients who need expert treatment for complex medical conditions and surgical needs.

AUH works closely with patients, referring doctors and insurance companies via AUH-International, a department that is dedicated to the unique needs of international patients. We are committed to providing fast response, professional medical service and exceptional customer service.

Our International Department facilitates pre-consultation services for all patients which may include doctor/patient interaction via email and/or telephone. All doctors are trained according to international standards and practices comparable to those operating in the United States.

A trained Concerge Manager (CM) will accompany you to all of your medical appointments. After your procedure, we arrange for transfer to your hotel or resort for relaxation and recuperation. Your CM will continue to be available at all times

Austral University Hospital provides a variety of medical treatments. In order to make it easier for our patients, we offer a standard trip package for each treatment that includes accommodation, transportation and personal assistance service.

If you wish to make any changes on the standard package, we suggest you to visit the section of our site called “Plan Your Medical Trip” and follow the instructions. This will help us offer you a personalized medical trip that will be more adequate to your needs.

For online inquiries see their online contact form.


Affiliated with Patients Without Borders.


The medical service is organized into four departments which group the various services and specialties of the institution:

Internal Medicine
Pediatric and Maternal
Diagnostic and Treatment

Some Specialties the Austral University Hospital offers

Cancer treatments

Surgeries offered:
ACL Reconstruction 
Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery 
Elbow Replacement
Gastric Banding 
Gastric Bypass
Hand Surgery 
Heart Valve Replacement 
Hip Replacement 
Hip Resurfacing
Knee Replacement
Lap Band Surgery 
Meniscal Repair 
Shoulder Repair Surgery 
Shoulder Replacement 
VSD or ASD Surgery