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St.Petersburg, Russia   |   Accreditation: none listed 

 Nevsky pr. 22-24,

Saint-Petersburg, Russia, 191186


+7 (812) 336 3059



The Russian-Finnish clinic AVA-PETER has been providing treatments of male and female infertility based on assisted reproductive techniques (ART) since 1996. AVA-PETER is a part of the AVA international network of clinics. AVA-PETER annually provides its data to the National Register of ART Results in Russia.

The clinic is used by the department of female reproductive health of the Medical Academy of Postgraduate Studies (MAPS) as its training base. Doctors from all over the country, coming to get training at MAPS, familiarize themselves with modern approaches of treating infertility in AVA-PETER.

Reproductive medicine is a unique field of knowledge developing at the turn of embryology, genetics, gynecology, biology, and andrology. Getting treatment in the clinic, a patient sees only the tip of an iceberg. Curing of each couple involves experts in many different fields who participate in those treatment stages that are covered by their competence.

For instance, when performing an IVF procedure an obstetrician-gynecologist monitors maturation of follicles and samples oocytes; biologists and embryologists prepare male and female gametes to fertilization, observe embryo development; if necessary, geneticists diagnose embryos for chromosome diseases and, at will of the parents, may detect their gender. As early as in several days after fertilization, a gynecologist transfers the embryo(s) to the uterus and provides further treatment for the couple.

We owe our results not only to high level of proficiency of our specialists and to using recent technologies and modern equipment, but to efficient professional interaction, friendliness and ability to work as a true team. Each approaches a problem based on his skills and specialization, but only in a dialogue the most professional aproach can be achieved.


Infertility treatments

– Physiology of human reproduction
– Identifying the cause infertility
– Infertility treatment
– Preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD)
– Sperm donation
– IUI (husband/donor)
– Blastocyst culture
– Egg donation
– Embryo adoption
– PGD for chromosome diseases
– PGD for sex selection
– Cryopreservation of embryos