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AVN Arogya Healthcare Ltd.

AVN Arogya Healthcare Ltd.

Madurai, India   |   Accreditation: none listed 

No. 175, Muniyandipuram P.O.

Vilachery Main Road, Near TPK Road







The healthcare wing of AVN group encompasses:

- Swasthyam – The Ayurveda village,
- Arogya Ayurvedic Hospital
- A chain of Arogya Ayurvedic Centres

We offer:

-Ayurveda Therapies
-Special wellness packages
-Ayurvedic treatments in a resort atmosphere

Arogya Ayurvedic hospital provides quality healthcare services to all sections of society. The physicians at Arogya, by virtue of their deep understanding of the concepts of Ayurveda have been constantly innovating and adapting the Ayurvedic treatments to suit the changing healthcare needs of different sections of the population. Our dedicated team of doctors and supporting staff strives to serve the ailing humanity in an ambience of utmost care & comfort.

At Arogya, the modern scientific understanding of disease processes is effectively incorporated into the traditional Ayurvedic concepts. Here, a holistic treatment, comprising of Ayurveda, Yoga & physiotherapy along with appropriate diet & lifestyle changes is offered.

The Ayurvedic Hospital has facilities for elaborate clinical documentation using electronic case recording system. It helps in the accurate maintenance of case records & easy analysis of patients’ progress.

Facilities, at Arogya Hospital, include:

- An out – patient block with 4 consultation rooms
- Speciality out-patient departments
- A well stocked Ayurvedic Pharmacy
- An Allopathic pharmacy
- A well equipped Physiotherapy block
- Facilities to avail Ayurvedic therapies at the OP level
- Well appointed therapy rooms for in-patient Ayurvedic therapies.
- Exclusive state-of-the-art therapy rooms attached to the cottages.

For our patients from Mumbai, Bangalore & Chennai, we offer the additional facility of availing follow up consultation & treatment at our Arogya Ayurvedic Centers. Our patients can also avail our web-based consultation facility & Buy Products Online online pharmacy for follow up.


- Bone & Joint disorder
- Neurological and Musculoskeletal problems, – Diabetes
- Obesity Clinic
- Center for Developmental Neurology

Treatment procedures UPAKARMAS:

This is an Ayurvedic therapeutic procedure in which the prescribed medicated oils are applied on the head and body in specific positions, in a methodical way accompanied by a skilful massage by experienced hands.

This is a special therapeutic procedure in which massage is done on the whole body or part of the body using specific herbal powders. This is especially beneficial in obesity.

This is a popular therapeutic procedure in which warm medicated oil is rhythmically poured on the body by squeezing a clean cotton cloth dipped in oil, accompanied by a gentle massage.

Sarvanga Dhara
This is a special process of rhythmic pouring of the prescribed warm liquids like oils, fermented rice water, medicated milk etc on the whole body.
This is a very relaxing therapeutic procedure in which the prescribed liquids such as warm oils, medicated butter milk etc are methodically trickled on to the forehead from a fixed height.

This is a rejuvenating therapeutic procedure in which massage is done on the body with warm rice poultice processed with herbs and milk.

This therapeutic procedure soothes and tones up the nervous system. Here, warm medicated oils are retained on the head with the help of a special cap for a specified period of time.

This special therapeutic procedure is especially beneficial in
conditions involving low back pain. Here, warm medicated oil is pooled over the back with the help of an herbal paste for a specified period of time.

This special therapeutic procedure strengthens the nerves and muscles of the eye. Here, warm medicated oil or ghee is pooled over the eyes with the help of an herbal paste for a specified period of time.

It is a group of specialized purification procedures including Vamana, Virechana, Vasti, Nasyam etc. These procedures are highly beneficial in chronic health conditions. Periodic elimination of toxins using Panchakarma helps in maintaining robust health.

Insurance Accepted:

Our patients can avail reimbursement facility from Mediclaim.

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