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Ayurveda Paragon Hotel

Ayurveda Paragon Hotel

Talpe, Sri Lanka   |   Accreditation: none listed 

1002 Matara Road




(888) 233 1156



The Ayurveda Paragon Hotel was constructed in 1996 by a student of the famous tropical architect Geoffrey Bawa. The hotel is a prime example of light-flooded and open-air architecture perfectly suitable for the tropical climate of Sri Lanka. Warm and bright colours as well as huge open areas create the tropical ambience and provide transparency and width. The beautiful furniture in our lobby consists of authentic, antique collector’s items which reflect the colonial styles of the past centuries.

The heart of the Ayurveda Paragon – without a doubt – is our health centre spreading over three floors of the building with its reception as the centerpiece. This is where your consultations and treatments are scheduled and your medication for the following day is distributed.

Our health center ranks among the best of the island – as the only resort in Sri Lanka we were given the highest award of “Ayurvedic Pharmacy” by the Sri Lankan Ministry of Health.

Needless to say, we are very proud of this. Four highly qualified Ayurveda doctors and more than 50 therapists look after your well-being. According to the Ayurvedic tradition, treatments for male and female guests are strictly separated by gender. Nearly all of the treatment-rooms are facing the sea side – so you can enjoy your therapies with the soothing sound of the Indian Ocean. After your treatments, relax in our tropical, palm-fringed garden or near our antique style pool.

The rooms for flower- and herbal baths and herbal showers are on the ground floor near the swimming pool. This is where you can also find our Ayurvedic sauna. This was built strictly according to traditional guidelines, using solely natural materials. The double walls are made from a mixture of ground termite depositions and corals, bee honey and Ayurvedic decoctions. The outer plaster consists of coral sand, honey and cooked fruits. Embedded in the ground are more than 50 different spices and herbs which develop their remedial effect through heat. By the way, an Ayurvedic sauna is heated to a pleasant temperature of 40°C (104°F).

The Paragon Pharmacy at the Ayurveda Paragon Hotel is yet another important part of our health-centre, where most of the herbal medications administered to you are prepared. Visit the pharmacy and experience how oils, juices, decoctions, tablets and more are produced – daily and fresh for your use. You will cherish the value of these remedies even more so after having seen their elaborate production process.


Ayurvedic Treatments
Panchakarma Cure

Being a natural, holistic healing method, Ayurveda emphasizes the importance of treating the cause of illness rather than its effects. Each patient is viewed as an individual and is actively integrated into the recovery process. Prevention and psychosomatics are basic elements of Ayurveda. Contrary to Western medicine, it works with a combination of different remedial attempts, which has proven to be the key to its success especially with chronic diseases. Therefore it fulfils the need of the modern people to be perceived as comprehensive beings much more so than any other healing method.


Ayurvedic Doctors

Travel Information:

Packages incl. treatments, medicine, hotel accomodation, full board and transfer from / to airport Colombo.

The Ayurveda Paragon is located approx. 130 km south of the capital of Colombo.

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