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Ayurvedagram Heritage Wellness Centre

Ayurvedagram Heritage Wellness Centre

Bangalore, India   |   Accreditation: none listed 

111 Hemmandanahali Samethanahali

Whitefield, Bangalore – 560067


+91(80) 65651090



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AyurvedaGram, as the name suggests, offers various types of Ayurvedic treatment, to both inpatients and outpatients. Apart from regular treatment for routine ailments as well as chronic diseases, AyurvedaGram also offers a host of specialized therapeutic treatments to maintain good health.

At AyurvedaGram the ayurvedic therapeutic programs are directed towards curing, not just the symptoms of the disease, but the basic health problems or imbalances.


The most distinctive feature of AyurvedaGram is its Antique residential Cottages that were transplanted from Kerala. The transplantation of these antique Nalukettus, Kovilakams (Palaces), Mannas and Illams – Kerala’s traditional live inns (made of teak and rosewood) has been done so perfectly that it forms a unique experience with all traditional furnishings & the modern facilities.

Every cottage at AyurvedaGram is an original work of art from the 18th and 19th centuries, built in the distinct Kerala architectural style. These were the opulent Nalukettu, Kovilakom (place), Mana and Illams of royalty, famous poets and prominent traders of their days……

And the most interesting aspect is that while these buildings-with their ornate woodwork, craftsmanship and even furniture remain completely true to their heritage, they incorporate modern living convenience and quite a few innovations too… like cable TV, air-conditioning and even an outdoor shower open to the sky!

The cottages have been categorized into Classic, Heritage and an Exclusive Suite to give our guests a variety to pick from.

USA Office

for any clinical support issues : vaidya@ayurvedaonline.com
for any information on our clinics : info@ayurvedaonline.com
for any information on our academies : info@ayurvedaacademy.com
Contact phone numbers are : 1-888-3-KERALA / 1-888-275-9103


Ayurveda Specialty Treatments for

Low back ache
Infertility & Impotency

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