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Batra Hospital and Medical Research Centre

Batra Hospital and Medical Research Centre

New Dehli, India   |   Accreditation: NABH,NABL, ISO 9001;2000 

 1, Tughlakabad Institutional Area,

Mehrauli Badarpur Road,


91 11 9811748797, 91-11-29958747, 29957487, 29956431





Centres of Excellence:

Heart Center:

– Cardiology
An active academic program, a long established, active cardiac surgery program and the setting of a multi specialty hospital with medical intensive care, chest specialists, nephrologists, neurologist and all ancillary services gives the Batra Hospital the ability to offer cardiac care to all cardiac patients including those with very complex clinical problems.
– Interventional Cardiology
– Cardiac Surgery

Cancer Center:

– All facilities for cancer treatments along with the availability of general medical care are housed under one roof. 
– Medical Oncology (Chemotherapy)
Department specializes in high dose chemotherapy and infusional chemotherapy. The department plans chemotherapy using PICC lines or chemoports. Management of leukemia is facilitated by the availability of excellent blood component backup. High quality single donor platelet, and other blood products are available round the clock. The Batra Hospita is equipped with dialysis unit, cardiac unit, most modern intensive care unit chemotherapy which can be safely given to patients with other concomitant ailments.


The radiology department is both a diagnostic facility and a therapeutic facility. It has a Siemens Mevatron dual energy Linear Accelerator to treat deep seated tumors as well as superficial tumors while completely protecting the underlying organs. The hospital practices INTENSITY MODULATED RADIATION THERAPY, a recent technique which is used to deliver higher dose of radiation therapy with utmost accuracy to improve the cure rate of various forms of cancers. A dedicated simulator (VERASIM – CGR) is used for treatment planning. FLUROSCOPIC GUIDANCE ensures accurate treatment planning so as to spare normal tissue and critical organs.

Department Of Homoeopathic Medicine:

Homoeopathy is an integral part of indigenous systems of medicine at Batra Hospital & Research Centre. Homoeopathy is an effective and scientific system of healing which stimulates the immune system of body to heal itself. Homoeopathy discovers the essence of disease through the symptom syndrome (the totality of the symptoms expressed by the patients). By means of totality of symptoms the homoeopath can treat the individual as a whole, rather than the disease in its local expression.

Batra Hospital & Medical Research Centre offers care in the following areas:

Non-invasive Cardiology, Invasive cardiology, Cardiac Surgery, Vascular surgery, thoracis surgery, Paediatric cardiology & cardiac surgery; Radiation, Medical & Surgical oncology; Gastroenterology & gastro surgery, Neurology & neuro surgery; limb replacement, anaesthesiology, critical care & pain clinic; arthroscopic surgery, body & neuro interventional radiology, dentistry, diabetes, endocrinology & metabolic medicine, dietetics, ENT, general & laparoscopic surgery, geriatrics, hand clinic, internal medicine, lab medicine, nephrology, nuclear medicine, obs & gynae, ophthalmology, orthopaedics, paediatrics & paed surgery, plastic, cosmetic & reconstructive surgery, respiratory medicine, asthme & allergy clinic, sports medicine, transfusion medicine, transplant surgery, urology