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Beacon Dental Clinic

Beacon Dental Clinic

Dublin, Ireland   |   Accreditation: ACP, AAP, IDA 

Beacon Consultants Clinic

Dublin 18


+353 1 2135644/8



Beacon Dermatology is a Consultant-led dermatology clinic offering an extensive range of medical, surgical and cosmetic dermatological treatments.

The Beacon Dental Clinic is located in the Beacon Consultants Clinic on the Beacon Medical Campus, adjacent to Beacon Hospital.

Our comprehensive interdisciplinary Clinical Referral Service is in place to meet all patients’ treatment requirements including:

-Endodontics (Root Canal Treatment),
-Orthodontics and Paediatric Dentistry
-General Dentistry

In addition, Beacon Dental Clinic provides the following services: comprehensive radiological facilities and the facility for patient surgical procedures requiring general anesthesia.

Our facility is modern and provides all the necessary infrastructure to manage complex patient clinical requirements in a timely manner.



Prosthodontics and Dental Implant Treatments
-provides treatment options for the replacement of missing teeth or dentures.
-Crown & Bridge Treatments (Following tooth loss or dental trauma).
-Removable Denture Treatment Solutions.
-Aesthetic Dental Treatments (Dental services to enhance the appearance of existing teeth).
-Restorative Dental Treatments (The prevention and management of decayed & damaged teeth)

Periodontal Therapy
-Involves the diagnosis and management of patient gum disease
-The assessment, planning & placement of dental implants
-Gum grafting and required surgical procedures

Oral Surgery
-The management of patient surgical requirements to include assessment & placement of dental implants
-Extraction of wisdom teeth
-Patient surgical requirement

Maxillofacial Surgery
The management of patient maxillofacial requirement through patient assessment and treatment planning.

Dental Radiology
The Beacon Dental Clinic provides facilities for immediate patient needs with more advanced radiological investigations available on Beacon Medical Campus.

Dental Hygiene Service
Beacon Dental Clinic provides continuous management and maintenance of patient dental hygiene need.

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