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Blackrock Clinic

Blackrock Clinic

Dublin, Ireland   |   Accreditation: JCI 

 Rock Rd, Blackrock

Co Dublin


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Blackrock Clinic came into operation in 1984 with the opening of the out patient complex. Today over 100 Medical Consultants covering a broad range of specialities practice from the consulting suites located in this private health care facility.


The hospital has both private rooms and a small number of semi-private rooms. It also includes a Coronary Care Unit and Intensive Care Unit, a Day Care Facility and an Oncology Day Ward. The services of the hospital involve the treatment and care of the acute medical, surgical and dental patient.

JCI Accreditation:
First Accredited: 19 October 2002
Re-accredited: 13 October 2005
Re-accredited: 6 September 2008


Blackrock Clinic performs a wide range of medical and surgical procedures at its private healthcare facility in Dublin.

– Laser Vision Correction Surgery: 
Blackrock Clinic Excimer Laser Department a complete range of laser procedures are performed including LASIK, PRK/LASEK, Wavefront guided customized treatments and Wavefront guided Intralase treatments.

– Cardiac Services:
Here at Blackrock Clinic we have a state of the Art cardiology department with a full range of cardiac services, support and expertise that a patient may require at the various stages of care from diagnosis to treatment.

– Weight Loss:
Gravitas at Blackrock Clinic is dedicated to excellence in Bariatric Surgery and will walk with you step by step to assist you in changing your life.

– Physiotherapy:
Sports Injuries
Spinal Pain
Ultrasound Imaging
Women?s Health
Exercise therapy /Core stability training