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Boomin Hospital

Boomin Hospital

Busan, Korea-South   |   Accreditation: none listed 

380-5 Dokchon 1 Dong,

Buhk-Gu, Busan 618-819


82-51-330-3000, +82-51-330-3218



Website in: English, Korean, and Chinese.

Boomin is a general hospital facilitated with cutting the edge medical technology, clinical information, and the state of art medical equipments along with the top notch professional medical staffs.

Boomin Hospital has a number of specialized medical centers: the Spinal and vertebral center, Sports medicine center, Digestion system center, Health screening and examination center, Fracture treatment center, Micro-surgical center, Spinal research center, Pain clinical center, Arthrology research center. Those specialized medical centers can pipeline more segmentized, narrowed down and speicialized treatments to all patients.


Specializes in Orthopedicss, Spinal Surgery, and Internal Medicine.

Specialized Medical Centers:

The artificial Joint Center operates with the best facilitated clinicians and state of the art medical technology. Our center provides artificial articulation surgical treatments with computer navigation for longevity of artificial joints and faster recovery time.

Other specialized medical centers include the Spine Center, the Sports Medicine Center, the Digestive Center, the Fracture Center, the Microsurgery Center, the Pain Clinic Center providing diagnosis and treatment for incurable diseases and chronic diseases by nerve blocking therapies, the Spinal Health Institute, and the Articulation Institute providing diagnosis on Rheumatic articulation diseases, gout etc.

Travel Information:

Boomin?s geographical location makes transportation very convenient. It?s is within 10 minutes driving of Kimhae International Airport.

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