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Brazilian National Cancer Institute

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil   |   Accreditation: JCI 

Rua do Rezende, 128/322, Centro – CEP 20231-092 Rua do Rezende, 128/322, Centro – CEP 20231-092


(55) (21) 3970-7812 / 7830 / 7824



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The Brazilian National Cancer Institute – INCA is an organ of the Ministry of Health with a federal mandate to lead a country-wide policy for cancer control in Brazil.

The National Cancer Institute (INCA) plays a multiple role in all areas of cancer prevention and control in Brazil – prevention, epidemiological surveillance, treatment, information, education and research.

INCA is considered to be the most prestigious public health institution in Brazil, with an excellent reputation for providing high quality cancer care.

INCA delivers complete cancer care at no cost to its patients, from staging to rehabilitation and palliative care.

Cancer Care Units
Hospital of Cancer I – INCA?s major cancer care unit and one of the best equipped hospitals of the Ministry of Health . It delivers high complexity cancer care to adult and pediatric patients with different types of cancer.

Hospital of Cancer II – especially designed to provide care to adults with gynaecological cancer.

Hospital of Cancer III – this hospital plays an important role on breast cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Hospital of Cancer IV – provides comfort and palliative care and pain management. It is the one in Rio de Janeiro to focus on home care.

Center for Bone Marrow Transplants – This unit coordinates and runs multidisciplinary treatment to patients with malignant hematologic and genetic diseases eligible for bone marrow transplantation. It runs the National Register for Bone Marrow Donors (REDOME) and the National Register of Bone Marrow Recipients (REREME).

The following INCA hospitals are JCI accredited:

Hospital do C?ncer II – INCA 
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Program: Hospital
First Accredited: 6 December 2008

Hospital do Cancer III – INCa
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Program: Hospital
First Accredited: 6 December 2007

Hospital do Cancer IV – INCa
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Program: Care Continuum
First Accredited: 2 December 2007



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