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Celling Treatment Centers

Celling Treatment Centers

Austin, US   |   Accreditation: none listed 

4201 W Parmer Ln

Building A, Suite 275





At CELLING TREATMENT CENTERS, we are experts in minimally invasive laser spine surgery and regenerative medicine.

We provide patients with alternatives to spine fusion and alternatives to open back surgery for many painful conditions of the neck and back including spinal stenosis, herniated discs, disc pain, sciatica, bone spurs, radiculopathy, bulging discs and facet joint cysts.

Celling Treatment Centers specializes in all methods of minimally invasive spine surgery including endoscopic spine surgery, laser spine surgery and percutaneous spine procedures.

We are the market leader in the clinical application of stem cells for problems affecting the spine and extremities.

Whether you are seeking arthritis pain relief or suffering from any number of spine problems such as degenerative disc disease, we can help. Our spinal stenosis treatment can relieve pain in as little as one hour without the need for hospitalization. We also provide safe & effective laser spine surgery for herniated disc treatment, sciatica pain relief and many other conditions of the cervical spine and lumbar spine.

Celling Treatment Centers is one of the very few laser spine surgery centers in North America that also specializes in thoracic herniated discs and causes of thoracic disc pain including pain between the shoulder blades.


Celling Treatment Centers offers a wide range of treatment options for a variety of spinal conditions, including:

– spinal stenosis
– herniated disc
– pinched nerves, and many others.

Learn more about your choices, including laser spine surgery, spinal decompression, and foraminotomy.


Dr. Mark Flood

Insurance Accepted:

Celling Treatment Centers is out-of-network with all providers.

We work closely with patients to determine benefits and pre-certification requirements and our billing company will submit claims for patients. Any insurance benefits will be assigned directly to the beneficiary/patient.

We also work closely with surgery centers and hospitals to pre-authorize in-network surgery at their facility.

Financing may be available:

– A list of surgery loan companies is available through our office.
– MediCard, www.medicard.com – for Canadian citizens