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Centrum Zdrowego Usmiechu

Centrum Zdrowego Usmiechu

Cracow , Poland   |   Accreditation: none listed 

Miłkowskiego Str. 11A

30-349 Krak?w


+48 604 618 223



Website in: English, Polish, German

Centrum Zdrowego Usmiechu/ Healthy Smile Centre provides a full range of dental services. Our team of specialists offers consultations in conservative and aesthetic dentistry, orthodontics, surgery and prosthetics. Top-quality treatments, compliant with the EU requirements, are carried out in a pleasant and friendly atmosphere.

We invite you for a single visit or a longer stay combined with touring of Cracow and its surroundings. We offer a full service package including air travel, room and board and of course dental treatment at our clinic.

A comprehensive Internet service containing detailed information about our offer is currently under construction. Should you have any questions, please contact us by e-mail or phone. We also prepare preliminary cost estimates on the basis of X-ray pictures sent by e-mail.

Located in a residential suburb, though just a short drive to the city centre is the Nieboli Clinic.

UK Patients:

There are two clinics at the Nieboli, the brand new one is exclusively reserved for UK patients.



- conservative and aesthetic dentistry
- orthodontics
- surgery
- prosthetics

Travel Information:

Our dental clinic is located in Cracow at the Ruczaj housing estate.

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