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Chung-Ang University Hospital

Seoul, Korea-South   |   Accreditation: none listed 

224-1 Heukseok-dong, Dongjak-gu





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The start of Chung-Ang University Hospital dates back to June 1968 when the former Sungshim Hospital was opened at Pil-dong, Jung-gu. It changed its name from the Chung-Ang university Affiliated Hospital to Chung-Ang University Hospital in Dec. 2004, and moved to Heukseok-dong where Chung-Ang University is located.

The hospital building was designed as an eco-friendly building full of bright sunlights, and over 1,200 staff including 130 medical professors in 23 departments offering differentiated medical services with leading-edge medical devices and perfect medical information infrastructure.

We strive to provide more professional medical services for patients with major diseases based on our 11 specialized centers including center for gastroenterology, urethral calculus, and heart. In addition, we have been equipped with perfect medical infrastructure based on advanced medical devices such as PET-CT, MRI, and CT, and the comprehensive medical information systems including OCS/EMR and PACS.

For International Patients:

Coordinators who are in wholly charge of patients from overseas countries reside in this center, and they provide the top-quality services for overall procedures ranging from the reservation, examination, diagnosis, and treatment. Besides, we have established the professional network consisting of medical staffs and personnel who are fluent in English and other foreign languages. Thus, we provide the convenient, prompt medical services for patients from overseas countries without any difficulties of verbal communication. A member hospital of Council for Korea Medicine Overseas Promotion, we have made a progress to provide the multi-dimensional medical services for our patients on a worldwide scale.

Furthermore, we provide interpretation services for patients from overseas countries. We also provide an emergency interpretation service, via an Emergency Medical Information Center in Seoul (1339), for the convenient use of emergency medical center during night. Thus, we make every effort to provide the top-quality medical service.

The International Healthcare Service Center, provides the primary medical services for patients from overseas countries. We also provide such diverse services as medical counseling or protective inoculation for travelers. In association with this, we issue various documents and medical certificates. For patients who are in need of the specialized secondary medical service following the primary treatment, we also provide the medical service by consulting the specialized clinical areas within the shortest time and thereby minimizing the waiting time.

Chung-Ang University Hospital was selected as the best hospital at the medical institution appraisal in 2005 organized by Ministry of Health, Welfare, and Family Affairs and it obtained the best grade in the cerebral apoplexy treatment appraisal in 2007 done by Ministry of Health, Welfare, and Family Affairs and Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service.

The hospital acquired the excellent grade A in all medical service areas at the medical institution appraisal in 2007 done by Ministry of Health, Welfare, and Family Affairs and was selected as the best local emergency institute at the emergency institute evaluation in 2007.


Department of Internal Medicine
Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology
Division of Cardiology
Division of Pulmonology
Division of Endocrinology
Division of Nephrology
Division of Hematology and Oncology
Division of Rheumatology
Division of Infectious Diseases
Knee Clinic

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