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Clinica Villa del Sole

Clinica Villa del Sole

Napoli, Italy   |   Accreditation: none listed

Via Manzoni 15 / 80123





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The Centre for Reproductive Medicine, at the prestigious private healthcare clinic “Clinica Villa Del Sole”, was founded and is managed by Dr Brian Dale, a leading British Fertility Scientist.

The unit is the largest in Southern Italy and is also the central office for a chain of Italian Fertility Centres, including www.CRM-Roma.com.

The highly professional and skilled staff is drawn from the UK, the USA, Switzerland and Italy, all proficient in the English language.

CRM offers standard and advanced fertility treatments from insemination to ICSI, PGD and AH with excellent clinical pregnancy rates and boasts over 3000 born babies to date.

CRM-Napoli is a founder member of an International Organization IFAHealth with sister centres in Switzerland, Spain, UK, Greece and the Middle East.


Treatments for infertility.