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Clinique du Nord

Clinique du Nord

Tombeau Bay, Mauritius   |   Accreditation: none listed 

Royal Road

Tombeau Bay, Mauritius




Clinique du Nord is a private clinic with luxurious air-conditioned rooms, attached bathrooms and toilets, and with television and VCR. It is situated on a white sand beach, with an individualised patio overlooking the bay.

These departments work closely with our 24 hour intervention ambulances – FOUR fully equipped ambulances (cardiac monitor, pulse oximeter, cardiac defibrilator, oxygen, suction machines, complete resuscitative apparatus, drugs, portable and wheeled stretchers, wheelchairs etc) with trained personnel always ready for medical rescue.

Investigative measures include laboratory tests (haematological, biochemical, pathological), scan of abdomen, pelvis, thyroid, heart (echo cardiography), doppler, routine x-rays, with contrast media-pyelography, myelography, barium swallow, barium meal, endoscopic examinations of the stomach, bronchi and lungs, and so on. Examination and treatment by laparoscope is also available.

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We offer treatment in all fields of medicine and surgery, on a 24 hour basis. 30 long experienced specialists provide services in all disciplines, around the clock, in fields such as:

- General Medicine
- Dermatology
- Surgery
- Psychiatry
- Pediatrics
- Opthalmology
- Gynaecology
- Physiotherapy
- Obstetrics
- Hydrotherapy

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