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Cosmetic Direct

Cosmetic Direct

Budapest, Hungary   |   Accreditation: none listed

1026 Budapest

Horvat utca 28

+36-30-299 1069



Cosmetic Direct is a subsidiary of Chirurgus Kft. It is one of the longest established private cosmetic surgery wards in Hungary (since 1994). Of particular importance to our patients is that it is located at one of Budapest’s major hospitals. This ensures all possible facilities at our disposal including an ITU ward.

Our team of surgeons in Budapest includes some of the most renowned and sought-after aesthetic surgeons in Hungary. Our specially selected team also includes members with years of surgical experience in the UK (GMC registered and Royal College of Surgeons member).

Cosmetic Direct’s plastic surgeons have been treating local and Western European (initially mostly German and Austrian) patients for many years with great success. The total number of cosmetic procedures at our ward is in excess of 1000 annually (the highest in Hungary). More recently (past 4-5 years) increasing number of patients from the UK and Ireland have turned to our services for their cosmetic interventions.

Patients from the UK and elsewhere in Europe are successfully treated at our Budapest cosmetic surgery clinic on a weekly basis. We therefore are familiar with your expectations and always do our utmost to achieve them.

Address of hospital:
Erzsebet Hospital,
Plastic Surgery Unit,
1074 Budapest, Alsoerdo sor 7


Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery:

- Breast Surgery
- Breast enlargement
- (breast augmentation)implants
- Implants (PIP)
- Breast lift
- Breast enlargement+lift
- Breast reduction
- Male breast reduction (gynecomastia)
- Nipple surgery (is only performed together with other breast surgery)
- Nipple reduction

- Abdominal surgery:

- Tummy tuck (mini-full abdominoplasty)
- Mini tummy tuck & liposuction to upper abdomen
- Mini tummy tuck & liposuction to upper – abdomen & sides
- Full tummy tuck & liposuction sides
- Lifting:
- Thigh lift
- Upper arm lift
- Buttock Lift
- Buttock & Thigh Lift

- Augmentation:

- Calf implant surgery

- Liposuction:
- Tummy
- Sides
- Hips/Waist
-Outer thighs
- Inner thighs
- Buttocks
- Knees
- Facial surgery:
- Eyelid plasty
- Upper eyelid
- Lower eyelid
- Upper and lower eyelids

- Facial surgery:

- Facelift including neck tightening
- Mini facelift (neck is not tightened)
- Neck lift
- Forehead lift
- Brow lift

- Rhinoplasty (nose correction):
- Curl lift
- APTOS soft lift

- Otoplasty (ear correction)

- Facial treatments:
- Botox
- Botox 1 ampule
- Botox for frown lines
- Botox for forehead
- Botox for eye area
- Botox for forehead and frownlines
- Botox for forehead, frownlines and eye area
- Injectable fillers
- Injectable filler 1 ampule
- Injectable filler (Radiesse) for nasolabial folds (lasts appr. 2 years)

Travel Information:

Budapest can offer something for everyone. It has the highest number of Cafe per capita in Europe. There are excellent museums and historical buildings to visit. It also has a vibrant night life and great restaurants, but if you want to relax you can visit Europe’s largest thermal bath all year round making your visit a true health and beauty treat.

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