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Dental Center Gentle Touch

Dental Center Gentle Touch

Belgrade, Serbia   |   Accreditation: none listed 

Resavska 36/I,

11000 Belgrade





Dental Center Gentle Touch provides dental services in an up-to-date and most modern environment, using the latest knowledge and most recent techniques. We are doing our best to make dental treatment as comfortable as possible to you and help you overcome any fears.

Our professional staff, with knowledge and skills, is able to provide a high quality service and easily master the most demanding aesthetic problems.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information on how we can give you and your family a beautiful and healthy everlasting smile.

The materials Dental Center Gentle Touch uses:

Materials of the latest generation and of renowned manufacturers are used in our dental studio. We are up-to-date with the latest market trends and with high quality materials and the continious education throuhg which our staff is constantly improved, we are qualified to provide you the highest quality of dental services.
Remineralization dental tissue

In the framework of the prevention programme we offer a preventive dental service of remineralization of the tooth tissue. We can alleviate or completely remove the white-chalky stains on a tooth depending on the degree of their intensity.
This treatment is also recommended for people who had their teeth bleached, those wearing orthodontic appliances, as well as those with a higher degree of risk of caries
Alloderm – tissue regeneration

Alloderm is a human specific regenerative bio-processed collagene matrix intended to the soft tissue management. It exists since 1994 and since then it has a wide application in medicine and dentistry. Originally used for patients with burns, it has taken its place in dentistry in the treatment of gingival recessions, and in augmentation of the entire tissue.

It enables the regeneration of tissue without taking autotransplants from the palate.


All dental procedures.

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