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Dental Clinic and Implant Center

Dental Clinic and Implant Center

 Delhi, India   |   Accreditation: none listed 

Shakti Vihar, Pitampura

Delhi 110034





Whether you are seeking a complete smile makeover or a simple tooth extraction/pain relief or just want some information or second opinion, our friendly dentists are always ready to help.

In addition to complete family general dentistry, advanced dental treatments like dental implants, all ceramic veneers & crowns, precious metal crowns,flexible valplast dentures, dental sealants, root canal treatment under rubber-dental dam , gum treatment – bone grafting, tooth coloured braces, tooth coloured fillings – tooth bonding, inlay, onlay, tooth whitening, fluoride application, stainless steel crowns (pediatric), etc. are all carried out with effective and efficient Autoclave based sterilization.

For First-Time Visitors to New Delhi, India, we have also included Delhi City Guide and Before & After Arrival sub-sections in our Overseas Dental Patient section with information on accommodation, climate, shopping and travel safety. Please note that the information included in these sections is for information purposes only. We are neither endorsing nor involved in any travel or accommodation related arrangements.

Dental Clinic and Implant Center has two clinics:
Shakti Vihar Clinic 
Rohini Clinic


Conservative & Endodontic Services:

- Silver Amalgam Fillings
- Glass Ionomer Fillings
- Light Cured Composite Fillings (Tooth-Colored)
- Post & Core Build-Ups
- Inlays (metal & ceramic)
- Onlays (metal & ceramic)
- Root Canal Treatments (with rubber dam)

Esthetic Dentistry / Cosmetic Dentistry:

- Tooth Bleaching / Whitening
- Bonding
- Veneers
- Enamel Microabrasion
- Smile Analysis & Modifications
- Full mouth rehabilitation with combination of services from conservative, periodontic, maxillofacial surgery, and orthodontics

Prosthodontic Services includ Denture Work:

- All Metal Crowns & Bridges
- Metal Ceramic Crowns & Bridges
- Metal Free All Ceramic Crowns & Bridges
- Precious Metal (Gold) Ceramic Crowns & Bridges
- Acrylic Dentures
- Composite Veneers
- Ceramic Veneers
- Tissue Conditioning / Soft Relining

Periodontic Services:

- Scaling & root planning
- Correction of overhanging restorations
- Gingivectomy
- Currettage
- Flap surgeries
- Grafting
- Splinting

Maxillofacial Surgery:

- Tooth Extraction
- Removal of Impacted teeth
- Apicectomies
- Reimplantation
- Cyst Removal
- Minor Dento-alveolar fractures
- Ridge Augmentations
- Pre-prosthetic surgeries

Pediatric Dentistry
Dental Implants

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