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Dental Implantoprosthetic Center Ltd

Dental Implantoprosthetic Center Ltd

Rovinj, Croatia   |   Accreditation: none listed 

Matteo Benussi 5

52210 Rovinj


Dr. Popadic


+385 52 830-830



Site is in English, Italian, Croatian.

We welcome patients from both, home and abroad. Our goal is to give our patients the best possible treatment at the highest world standard, and we are capable of it.

It is possible to have consultations done in London. We collaborate with the Ghauri Dental Centre, a practice with more then 30 year of experience. After you have the examination, a treatment plan will be made and sent to us for revision. Then, before you come to Croatia, you will know what the course of the treatment will be. See our website for their locations.

In addition to the top level of care you receive during your visit you will find that the costs are incredibly competitive to those offered at home. Since our prices are significantly lower than those in many European countries, especially Ireland and UK, you can combine a holidays with your dentistry. You can return home relaxed, self confident with a bright smile.

Dr. Popadic is a member of the Nobel Biocare Mentor Team. He regularly upgrades his knowledge and skills, keeping competent in the most demanding implantoprosthetic and surgical techniques.

There are three dental units available which are all computerized. With our computer data base of all patients, the diagnostics, treatment planning and the treatment itself, whether it is implant-prosthetic, conservative, orthodontic, prosthetic or aesthetic are easily organized. Dr. Popadic?s team consists of five dentists, five assistants, one technician and two administrators.

This center is affiliated with several different dental clinics in Croatia.



- Caries 
- Fillings 
- Veneers 
- Crowns-Bridges 
- Prosthetics 
- Periodontitis 
- Implantology 
- Orthodontics 
- Teeth Care
- Extreme Dental Makeover
- Orthodontic esthetic braces ? upper or lower arch
- Apicectomy 
- Complicated tooth extraction

Travel Information:

In Rovinj it is possible to combine a cultural and restful holiday with a dental treatment.

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