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Iasi, Romania   |   Accreditation: ISO 9001:2008 

Saulescu, no 13 Street


Radu Macovei




Located in the Romania’s cultural city of Iasi, only 2.3 hours flight from London, DENTESSE is one of the most trusted names in dental treatment for patients coming from UK, Italy or France.

With a team of 12 doctors, each of them speaking fluent English, we will help you regain your smile, at a fraction of the costs in UK. Save more than 80% with us.


Dental implants, Crowns, Bridges, Dentures, Oral surgery, Laser treatments, CBCT

Travel Information:

Travelling for the best dentist in Romania, will get you to the city of Iasi. Here, you will find a great variety of hotels, with prices ranging from 15£/night to 70£/night.

We can always help you choose by yourself or we can help you with suggestions and even booking, free of charge.

At the airport (Iasi or Bacau, depending on the flights chosen) you will be met by one of our english speaking representatives. Don’t forget we offer free limo pick-up from the airport and complimentary local mobile phone to stay in touch with us 24/7. iPad with internet connection is available upon request.

We will bring you to your hotel, and after check in and some time to accommodate, we will take you to one of our clinics for the free initial consultation and x-rays if necessary

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