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Lithuania   |   Accreditation: ISO

V.G.rybo str. 32/10



(+370 6) 98 521 64, (+370 5) 270 91 25



Dental clinic “Denticija” in Vilnius – is one of the most modern dental clinics in the capital, located in V.G.rybo str. 32/10. The clinic began to work in 1993. During the long years of practice and working, a great and professional dental team of dental therapists, prosthodontists, orthodontists, surgeons, periodontologists, and oral hygienists has gathered here.

Vilnius dentistry clinic Denticija
Vilnius City Center Denticija
Kaunas dentistry clinic Denticija

The dentists of dental clinic “Denticija” in Vilnius regularly improve their knowledge abroad – in Germany, Norway, Sweden, USA, Switzerland and elsewhere. The clinic is equipped with the most modern and latest dental equipment, and in order to ensure the top quality services, there are used the materials and equipment of international standards (ISO, DIN, ADA and other). Guarantee is given for all the works that are carried out.


- Teeth Whitening
- Prosthodontics
- Children’s Dentistry
- The Treatment of Periodontal Diseases
- Orthodontic treatment
- X-rays
- Dental Implants
- Wisdom Teeth Etraction
- Professional oral hygiene
- Surgical procedures


Dental Clinic “Denticija” in Vilnius is a member of the European Union of Orthodontists, Lithuania Maxillofacial Surgeons Society, a member of the Lithuanian Dental Chamber, and a member of the Private Dental Community.

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